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The Twelfth Battle of Zeltros was a decisive battle in the Nagai–Tof invasion of 4 ABY. It was the twelfth time that Zeltros was invaded.



Following the rout at Trenwyth, the Nagai war leaders dispatched new orders to Commander Knife and his forces—invade Zeltros. Fervent and passionate in battle, the Zeltrons had been identified as a quantifiable threat right from the start of the invasion—and were now to be subdued. Lieutenant Den Siva volunteered to lead the mission, and headed to Zeltros with a force of Nagai and Maccabree warriors.

Meanwhile, unaware of the oncoming Nagai assault, the heroes of the Alliance of Free Planets had rendezvoused on Zeltros, where they were hoping to persuade the Zeltron leaders, Arno and Leonie, to join the war effort. Also on the way to Zeltros were two other invasion forces—one belonging to the Hiromi, one belonging to the Tof.

Battle joins[]

"Quick! Get 'em all down. Set to stun!"
―Bargthron orders his troops[src]

To celebrate the arrival of the Free Alliance heroes, the Zeltron leaders threw a grand party. The Nagai forces gate-crashed the festivities, disarming Han Solo and holding the revellers captive. In a different area of the palace, Den Siva personally captured Leia Organa and Dani. Luke Skywalker and Plif were also captured, but by the over-excited Hiromi. Despite the fact that he could easily escape, Luke decided to play along with the insects, intrigued as to just what they were up to on Zeltros.

Luke was taken to the palace kitchens, where the Hiromi began cooking up a grand banquet to celebrate their "conquest" of the planet. The catering was interrupted by a squad of Tof, who had launched their assault on the palace.

The Tof also happened upon Den Siva, and blackmailed Siva into leading his Nagai forces and their prisoners into a Tof ambush – leaving Leia and Dani in the foul clutches of the Tof.

Luke Skywalker enters the battle

In the kitchens, Luke and a team of Hoojibs managed to defeat the Tof invaders, freeing the Hiromi. With the help of the Hoojibs and the Hiromi, Luke fought his way past squads of Tof and freed Leia and Dani, who set off to help Han, Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian, who were reluctantly being led into an ambush by Den. Accompanied by the Hoojibs and the Hiromi, Luke headed for the Tof command ship Wayfarer, in an effort to rescue Leia's Zeltron aides, who had been captured by the Tof, who thought they were important Alliance commanders. There were barely a dozen Tof left aboard the huge command ship, and Luke and his squad were able to rescue the four captured Zeltrons and plant explosives that destroyed the vessel.

Meanwhile, the Tof ambush wiped out all of the Nagai forces, claiming the Nagai prisoners – including Han, Chewbacca and Lando – for their own. Han and Lando stepped in to try and defuse the situation, but it was Leia and Dani's sneak attack that gave the prisoners a chance to strike back at the Tof. Rallied by Lando, the prisoners were able to defeat the Tof forces, and in the aftermath of the carnage, Den Siva emerged, with an offer to join the Alliance.


"Captain Hookyr believes that keeping the peace between the Hiromi and the Alliance is in the end a better solution than being chopped into pieces."
―First Officer Hirog reports to his superiors[src]

With the Nagai and Tof forces wiped out, and the Hiromi "threat" subdued by Luke Skywalker, Zeltros was safe again. In the aftermath of the battle, the Nagai allied themselves with the Alliance, joining forces to face the greater threat of the Tof. It was at this point that the Dark Lady Lumiya defected from the Nagai to join the Tof, as part of her devotion to ending Luke Skywalker's life.

Mere days after the truce at Zeltros, the Provisional Council of the Alliance of Free Planets voted to transmit the Declaration of a New Republic.



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