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"Protas, meet us in battle. Through our sheer numbers, we will overcome you."
―The kikla issue their challenge, "The Tale of the Aiwha Pod"[1]

According to "The Tale of the Aiwha Pod," a legend told by the Kaminoans, a battle was fought at the Ancient Trench between the god-beast Protas, who had previously defeated Melkorr, and a legion of kikla swimmers. They fought for a month, with the kikla attempting to overwhelm Protas with their numbers. Instead, Protas took advantage of the uncoordinated strategy of the kikla, taking a single-minded approach and eating them to maintain strength. At the rise of the new moon, Protas killed the last kikla, defending his right to rule the oceans of Kamino. With this victory, the god-beast would grow arrogant and challenge an aiwha pod, who would kill him to avoid their own death.


"Protas was strong, stronger than any living beast, and mystical. He had powers beyond comprehension."
―Ryan Kaufman, "The Tale of the Aiwha Pod"[1]

According to "The Tale of the Aiwha Pod," a legend told by the Kaminoan species and translated by Ryan Kaufman into Basic, Protas was a strong and powerful monster-god who ruled the oceans of[1] the planet Kamino.[2] He had defeated and killed the dark titan Melkorr at the underwater ridge at Thalina after the titan challenged him for the rule of the oceans. The kikla swimmers, a tiny yet sentient species of great number, desired to rule the oceans of the planet. To this end, they assembled together as an army, planning to overwhelm and swarm Protas.[1]

The battle[]

"Protas met the vast swarm of kikla in the deepest waters of the Ancient Trench, and there they fought."
―Ryan Kaufman, "The Tale of the Aiwha Pod"[1]

When the kikla felt their numbers would be sufficient, they issued Protas a challenge and the battle commenced. They fought for over a month, and the kikla believed that they would be able to overwhelm and outlast the much larger god-beast. In actuality, the kikla were divided of mind and uncoordinated when they attacked with their small, sharp teeth, which could only inflict small wounds. In contrast, Protas was single-minded and scattered the kikla. He ate them to maintain his stamina and continued this tactic until the last kikla was devoured at the rise of the new moon.[1]


"Now, by this time, Protas had grown old and arrogant in his power. He knew that none could oppose him, and he wielded his authority freely."
―Ryan Kaufman, "The Tale of the Aiwha Pod"[1]

The victory, in addition to the prior victory over Melkorr, added to Protas' arrogance. In his old age, this arrogance would lead to his defeat by a pod of aiwha, with whom he had prevented their passage to safer, warmer waters. The pod, who attacked Protas out of necessity rather than seeking fame or glory, would rule the oceans as well as receive the respect of all the creatures of Kamino.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The battle of the Ancient Trench appeared in Ryan Kaufman's short story "The Tale of the Aiwha Pod," published in Prima Games's 2005 official guide for the Star Wars: Republic Commando video game.[1]


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