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The Battle of Anoat Main Sensor Array was a conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic that took place in 3 ABY. It resulted in the destruction of the Array.


Following the destruction of the Corrupter's Repair Convoy. Admiral Nammo believed that the time had come to punch a hole in the Empire's Sensor Network and slip away undetected. Several relay stations were to be attacked to mask the primary target which was Sensor Array station IOS 24. Time was a critical factor as they had to destroy the station before Imperial Reinforcements can muster.


The 4 Assault Transports arrived first powering up their jamming equipment. The X-wings then jumped in and destroyed the static defenses. While the B-wings made torpedo runs at the main Sensor Array destroying it. The platform meanwhile had sent TIE/LN starfighters and TIE/IN interceptors to try to stop the Rebels. It also sent TIE/sa bombers to try to take out the Assault Transports knowing that once they were down they could call in reinforcements. This was unsuccessful as the Rebel Starfighters managed to stop the TIE Bombers and the stations shields were failing. The Imperial Officers then attempted to escape in the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Jev. But that Shuttle was also destroyed.


"Was the Sensor station able to repel the Rebel attack?"
"Negative sir. Gunboats from Tau Squadron reported that the station was destroyed."
Admiral Holtz and Imperial Officer[src]

With the destruction of the Sensor Array the Rebel Fleet was able to escape into the far reaches of the Outer Rim. Meanwhile Admiral Holtz would soon be assigned there to stop pirate activity as punishment, not knowing that he would stumble upon an agreement between Dunari and the Rebel Alliance to bring in supplies.



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  2. This battle falls between the Battle of Hoth and the Battle of the Bajic Shipyards, which both fall in 3 ABY. Thus, this battle occurs in 3 ABY.
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