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The Battle of the Bruanii sector was a battle that concluded the Mugaari Campaign.


After recapturing Outpost D-34. Admiral Flanken tracked the attacks to a Light Calamari cruiser Lulsla. Flanken ordered Colonel Vistore to send his Assault Gunboats to rally with his own and assault the Rebel starship in a two-phase attack. Before the assault on the Rebel forces, Secret Order agents became curious about the source of all the Imperial equipment that was emerging from Rebel hands, and tasked the Imperial pilots to be on the lookout for additional stolen arms.

The BattleEdit

First phaseEdit

The first phase consisted of Colonel Vistore's Assault Gunboats from D-34 attacked the Lulsla while it was re-stocking supplies, rallying its starfighter defenses of X-wings A-wings and B-wings and using transports Leven and Modd to begin laying a minefield around the ship. Maarek Stele inspected the containers C440 to discover imperial probes in one of the containers C440 stolen from Outpost D-34 it was also believed that the probes were also provided by a traitor. After destroying the two transports and destroying all the fighters that the Gunboats were dogfighting. The second wave arrived to destroy all the containers and effective cut off the supply lines. Stele assisted with the second wave and inflicted large starfighter casualties in the process. Thus with the supplies and most of the Rebel starfighters destroyed. The Imperials withdrew to regroup for another attack. The Lusla meanwhile then managed to relay a large minefield around the cruiser and relayed whatever fighters were left as its last line of defense in preparation for the next phase of the attack. But the commander knew his defenses weren't enough and prepared whatever transports and shuttles he had left for abandoning the ship.

Second phaseEdit

The Imperials prepared a strike force consisting of transports Sigma and Omega armed with rockets along with two squads of Assault Gunboats arrived to destroy the Lulsla. Maarek Stele launched missiles at the Lusla's warhead launchers destroying them began clearing the minefield while the transports launched their rockets. The gunboats meanwhile made short work of a Y-wing that was launched from the cruiser. After the cruiser suffered heavy Hull damage two groups of two transports Starway and Gargon and two Lambda-class T-4a shuttles Derris were launched out the hangar bay containing most of the crew abandoning the ship. However the Gunboats destroyed all but the ship's commander's shuttle, disabling it with Ion Cannons. When it was disabled transport Zack 1 arrived to board and capture the shuttle.


With the destruction of the Lusla and the capture of its commander, the Imperials were soon able to pacify the surrounding systems. As impressive as this accomplishment was, it was also the beginning of Admiral Harkov's defection to the Alliance.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the game there are differences based on difficulty level. This battle follows the storylines of both Battle 1 missions 5 and 6, following "Medium" difficulty. In Mission 5, the Lusla is invulnerable and cannot be destroyed. If attacked the Lusla launches 5 waves of 5 A-wings from Gold Squadron and 5 waves of 3 A-wings from Yellow squadron. A "bonus" objective in this mission is to destroy 5 waves of 5 X-wings from Blue squadron. This is on all difficulties. In "Hard" difficulty the A-wings in the primary objective increase to 3 and are designated "Red" rather then "Blue", there are 4 B-wings instead of 2 and the cruiser will also launch 5 waves of 3 additional X-wings as well as the two squadrons of A-wings to make it more challenging. In mission 6 all but 1 of the bonus objectives is to destroy all the mines that the Lusla laid. The last bonus objective is to ensure Zack 1's boarding operation succeeds. In "hard" difficulty, as soon as the Lusla is attacked it launches 3 A-wings, X-wings and Y-wings to attack the Gunboats, the player's in particular.


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