"Prepare to engage. Full forward."
Colonel Ivan Cronus[src]

The Battle of the Chaardan Shipyards was a battle that took place during the Galactic Civil War, the first such engagement since Admiral Daala had unified various warlord-controlled factions into an Imperial Remnant.


In order to distract the New Republic from her preparations for the attack on the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4, Daala ordered Colonel Cronus to assume control of Crimson Command, a fleet of one hundred and twelve Victory II-class Star Destroyers and use the warships to engage in terror raids against targets of opportunity.

The battleEdit

After striking several worlds, including Khomm, the homeworld of Dorsk 81, Cronus attacked the New Republic Defense Fleet's shipyards at Chardaan. As it happened, this was the one location where any sort of resistance was put up against the rampaging Imperials. Although Cronus utterly obliterated the shipyards and their surrounding infrastructure, it came at the cost of two of his own vessels.


Leaving the chaos and destruction that had been wrought at Chardaan behind, Crimson Command went on to attack several more New Republic-aligned planets, including Porus Vida. Cronus then split his fleet, sending twenty of his Victory-class Destroyers to link up with Daala's force at Yavin Prime's fourth moon, with the remainder continuing their scattered raiding. Of all the attacks carried out by Cronus, Chardaan remained the only one where a battle could be said to have taken place.


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