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The Battle of the Forest Cities was a major battle in which the unified Gungan tribes attacked and destroyed Boss Rogoe's heavily fortified prisoner camp.

Unifying the Tribes[edit | edit source]

After expelling the bursas that had destroyed Gallo's city, he and Marsune traveled through the forest to get the other Gungan tribes to stop fighting each other and start fighting Rogoe, their common enemy. The first village they visited was Otoh Jahai. The town Boss, Tenko, believed that another nearby village, Otoh Langua, had stolen their Sacred Staff. Until the staff was returned, Tenko would not negotiate. While searching for the staff, Gallo arrived in Otoh Langua. It's Boss, Hantic claimed that they did not have the Sacred Staff of Otoh Jahai. However, they had to continue fighting in order to gain back the wealth that was depleted from their treasury.

Marsune mentioned to Gallo rumors of a stronghold in the forest, where Rogoe kept the resources he had stolen from the Gungan tribes. Gallo's forces made short work of the stronghold and the guards, and nearby they found the staff of Otoh Jahai. Gallo then returned to Otoh Langua with the nova, and to Otoh Jahai with the staff, both of which joined Gallo, pledged troops to his growing force and agreed to form an alliance. As they continued, they arrived in Otoh Urs, the leader of which was Boss Copek. Copek had heard of Gallo and sympathized with his bursa problem, as Otoh Urs faced the same dilemma. With the help of the newly pledged troops given to him, Gallo wiped out the nearby Bursa clan, and Otoh Urs joined Gallo and bestowed him with their artillery booma launchers.

The Battle[edit | edit source]

The final town was Otoh Raban, whose Boss, Hoxie had been kidnapped by Rogoe and taken to a nearby prison camp, where other troops were also being held captive. Using the artillery to destroy the gun turrets, Gallo's forces stormed the base, freeing militiagung prisoners and Boss Hoxie himself. Soon he was safe and sound in his own village, and pledged troops to Gallo.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Now that the Gungan tribes had been united, Gallo gathered their collaborative forces, and proceeded to Spearhead.

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