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"I have saved the Republic twice before--I've fought Mandalores and armies of the dark side. You won't stop me."

The Battle of the Foundry was an early battle of the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire.

Darth Malgus, commander of the Imperial Expeditionary Fleet, assembled a strike team and revealed to them the existence of an ancient space station known as the Foundry, a relic of an ancient civilization, and of a powerful Jedi Master who commanded it.


"The Emperor's prisoner—the escaped Jedi Master—has unwittingly led us to the Nanth'ri system. That is the location of the Foundry—an ancient alien space station embedded inside an asteroid."
Darth Malgus[src]

The Jedi Master had been imprisoned by the Sith Emperor at a secret prison base in the Maelstrom for three hundred years, kept in an unaging stasis by ancient technology and Sith sorcery. A Republic strike team sent by the Jedi Admiral Oteg managed to locate the prison, kill its warden, Grand Moff Rycus Kilran, and free the Jedi from the Maelstrom prison. After briefly returning to the Republic, the Jedi Master set out for the Foundry - a secret he had managed to keep from the Emperor during their long psychic bond - and began to use it in the service of the Republic.

Darth Malgus revealed to his chosen strike team that the escape had in fact been intended, so that the Jedi could lead the Empire to the Foundry and use it as part of the coming war with the Republic. In order to claim the Foundry, Malgus and Moff Phennir, commanding the Harrower-class dreadnought White Nova, planned to hijack a Republic transport ship bound for the Foundry, and use it to infiltrate the Foundry while Phennir led the fleet to engage the Foundry's defenses. The strike team carried out this first mission, leading a sneak attack against the Republic transport ship Dorin's Sky and taking control of the bridge, slaying the elite Storm Squadron and executing Captain Yelto and her crew.

With the Dorin's Sky in their hands, the strike team could now lay in a course for the Foundry. Their task was two-fold: Secure the Foundry for Imperial occupation troops, and eliminate the Jedi Master.

The battle[]

"You've never fought anyone like me. I was Sith. I am Jedi!"
―Revan confronts his attackers[src]

The Dorin's Sky docks with the Foundry

Arriving six hours off schedule as a result of the hijacking, the Dorin's Sky docked with the Foundry without incident. Rushing from the airlock, they engaged the Foundry's defense force of Jedi, Republic soldiers and battle droids. As they made their way through the station, they discovered that it appeared to be a massive droid factory, producing custom-built "extermination droids" for the Foundry's master. As they made their way through the outer defenses, they were contacted by the Jedi Master, who hoped to convince them to give up their quest and surrender.

Meanwhile the Imperial Expeditionary Fleet engaged the Republic fleet over the Foundry. The Republic fleet quickly surrounded the foundry preventing the Imperial ships from retreating. The Imperial ships then began suffering heavy losses. Despite this they continued fighting, needing to hold off the Republic forces as the strike team made their way through the Foundry.

Within the droid factory's main generator, they confronted the leader of the droid armies, an assassin droid who identified himself as HK-47, "the master's most faithful ally". HK-47 revealed that the extermination droids had been equipped with bioscanners capable of detecting Sith genetic material and killing any who had Sith ancestry, which would account for 97.8% of the population of the Empire. Activating his assassination protocols and summoning extermination units to attack the strike team, HK-47 would eventually sustain serious damage and shut down. Crossing over the asteroid's shielded surface and entering the inner sanctum of the station, the strike team came face to face with their quarry.

The Jedi Master revealed himself to be Revan, a Jedi Knight from three centuries earlier who was corrupted by the Sith Emperor and led a Sith invasion of the Republic after the Mandalorian Wars. Redeemed by the Jedi, Revan returned to the Empire and confronted the Emperor on Dromund Kaas, but was defeated due to betrayal from within and imprisoned for the next three hundred years. During his long imprisonment, Revan and the Emperor influenced one another's minds; the Emperor seeking to make him Darth Revan again, and Revan convincing the Emperor that peace was in his best interest. After being freed from the Maelstrom, Revan returned to the Foundry to oversee what he believed would be the final downfall of the Sith and their Empire. He pleaded with the strike team to see reason and abandon the Emperor, but they refused. The strike team also tried to convince Revan the error in his way, but Revan believed that he needed to destroy the Empire, even at the cost of its entire population. Revan drew his lightsaber, and the duel began.

Revan proved a formidable opponent, skilled with his blade and with the powers of the Force, raining asteroids harvested by the Foundry and unleashing powerful bursts of Force lightning. But in the end, it was not enough to defeat the Empire's top agents, and Revan was defeated. Remarking that now he knew what his old friend Malak had thought when he defeated him three centuries earlier, Revan vanished in a burst of Force energy.

At last Imperial reinforcements arrived and mopped up the last of the Republic ships. The space battle was over by the time Revan was defeated.


The duel ended with Revan eliminated as a threat to the Empire, and the four agents were praised and given high prestige and honor. They were later debriefed on Revan and his role and were considered heroes for saving the Empire and capturing the Foundry. However, their work was nearly squandered when Malgus declared his "New Empire" and used the Foundry as part of his plans; Malgus' forces defending his mobile space station included rewired extermination droids, commanded by the rebuilt and reprogrammed HK-47. Moff Phennir, one of the members of the war council to counter the "New Empire" during the Battle of Ilum, was outraged at the betrayal and of his unwitting part in it.

Revan was believed to have been killed in the battle, but re-emerged on Rakata Prime in 3637 BBY at the head of the Order of Revan, once a fringe cult in the Empire, now a galaxy-spanning force.



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