The Battle of the Gem of Alderaan was a battle that occurred on Alderaan, some time after the end of the Clone Wars.

The battleEdit

The battle began when Trandoshan mercenaries attacked the newly-launched luxury repulsortrain Gem of Alderaan, to try and capture Senator Bail Organa. However they soon learned that he wasn't aboard it, so they tried to capture Lady Alya Aldrete instead. They burst into Decadence nightclub, a club aboard the train, while some other Trandoshans captured Aldrete. However some Alderaanian Resistance fighters, who were aboard the train undercover, and the stormtrooper guard of Imperial Governor Morrax Nabin, another passenger, began to fight back. A group of the Trandoshans and an SD-6 Hulk infantry droid then tried to break into the cashier's area in the train's casino car, but Nabin, the Alderaanians and the stormtroopers were able to stop them. They then stormed the dining car and defeated some of the Trandoshans, who were holding some of the passengers hostage there. The Trandoshan's then sent down some CloakShape fighters, which fired at the train and almost caused it to crash. The Alderaanians then attacked the control car, where they killed the Trandoshan commander and rescued Aldrete. Sirona Okeefe flew the Banshee down to rescue them and they escaped just before the train crashed. The Banshee then attacked a ILH-KK Citadel-class civilian cruiser that the Trandoshans had arrived on.


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