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"Luke, how do we know Kasan isn't leading us right into a trap?"
"Not now, Wedge."
Wedge Antilles and Luke Skywalker over Wedge's doubts on trusting Kasan Moor[1]

A battle at the Jade Moon took place during the Galactic Civil War, immediately after the liberation of Gerrard V. The battle was a raid led by former Imperial starfighter pilot Kasan Moor following her defection to the Rebel Alliance. The Jade Moon of Loronar was being used as a supply depot for the Galactic Empire and featured a factory of AT-AT walkers and blaster rifles. The attack was twofold: a ground attack with backup from Rogue Squadron. With the operation a success for the Alliance, the attention turned to other military installations that Kasan Moor had reported.


During the liberation of Gerrard V, the leader of the 128th TIE Interceptor Squadron, Kasan Moor, surrendered herself after her TIE/IN interceptor was disabled by Gold Leader Crix Madine. She donated her interceptor to the Rebel cause and supplied the Rebellion with a number of Imperial installation locations. One such installation was on the Jade Moon. The location of a military supply depot, it was an essential factory for AT-ATs and E-11 blaster rifles. Rogue Squadron gathered its members and set to the supply moon.[1]

The battle[]

A team of Rebel SpecForce commandos arrived at the moon using a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle. Touching down, they infiltrated the moon and set off toward the supply base, but were immediately intercepted by AT-PT walkers. Rogue Squadron flew down and took out the walker attackers, allowing the convoy of combat vehicles to proceed. Upon the arrival at the depot, a ray shield was activated, preventing attack.[1]

Rebel vehicles attack the Imperial base.

Luke Skywalker and Rogue Squadron scouted out the trenches covering the moon for the shield generator. Upon discovering it, Luke fired a volley of Proton torpedoes into the hull, allowing attack on the depot. With the shield deactivated, commandos deployed from the trains and infiltrated the facility. Rogue Squadron covered from the air, taking out TIE/sa bombers and bombarding the surface. The outlying facility was left in rubble, and the commandos finished the job of sabotaging and looting the depot.[1]


The operation was deemed a success by the Alliance. The success proved the trustworthiness of Kasan Moor and the information she provided. Kasan commented on how strange it felt to attack the Empire, after taking their orders for so long. Luke assured her that he was glad she joined the Rebellion, telling her that she was fighting for her own ideals now. Kasan was not entirely convinced however. Soon after the battle, Rogue Squadron launched an attack on the facility on Balmorra with the information supplied to them by Moor.[1]



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