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"The Rettna system erupted in battle yesterday when Freda system militia launched a surprise attack on Jante holdings in Rettna."
―A Imperial HoloVision report[src]

A battle occurred after negotiations about disrupted mining rights in the Rettna system between Freda and Jante collapsed. The Freda system militias launched a surprise attack on Jante holdings; the 1st, 3rd and 5th Lon Flotillas launched the assault, destroying the Hamner Heavy Ores Plant in orbit of Rett II, and striking two installations belonging to the Jante Materials Corporation.

Jante countered with the Rett II orbital defense force, which harried the 3rd and 5th Lon Flotillas until the 1st reinforced them and repulsed the counter attack. Freda gained control of the space around Rett II and started to land troops to seize ground installations. Jante forces retreated to protect their facilities at Rett I.

Moff Haveland authorized the deployment of Imperial CompForce units to the Rettna system to enforce a ceasefire.

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