"Ha ha, deh mackineeks is destroy-ed, theysa fallen to Gungan army. Dissa muy good ting.
But mesa feelin' like mesa tinkin somethin' else comin' troo deh swamp. Maybe somethin' good dis time.
Boss Nass[src]

The Battle of the Sacred Place was a battle that took place on Naboo following the evacuation of Otoh Gunga in 32 BBY.

The battle[]

Fleeing Otoh Gunga[]

"Uh-oh, Boss Daddy. Wesa got mackineeks settin' campen, not too far away."
"Hmm...wesa better act soon. Best be wipen dem out quick."
―A Gungan scout and Boss Nass[src]

The Battle of the Sacred Place was a battle that took place on Naboo following the evacuation of Otoh Gunga in 32 BBY.[2]

Boss Nass arrived at the Gungan Sacred Place.

After escaping Otoh Gunga, Boss Rugor Nass and three Bongo Advanced Scouts battled several Trade Federation Patrol Boats and colo claw fish before arriving at the Gungan Sacred Place near the Gallo Mountains. There, a large army of Gungan troops who had likewise fled the city waited for him. As he arrived, a scout brought a report of a nearby Federation camp. OOM-9 commanded it and was nearby directing the landing of a droid transport ship, but was not present at the camp itself. Nass ordered the destruction of the camp, and his Gungan troops carried out the task quickly. They destroyed all the B1-Series battle droids at the site and razed the buildings with few casualties.[1]

Arrival of the Naboo[]

"We do not wish to endanger your people. We shall traverse the swamp ourselves."
Queen Amidala, to Boss Nass[src]

Boss Nass and the Gungans had no time to celebrate as Queen Padmé Amidala had just landed in the swamps along with Captain Quarsh Panaka, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, and their entourage. She asked for permission to journey to the Sacred Place. Boss Nass obliged them, and the Naboo group went through the swamps on foot. They battled many Trade Federation troops, who were sometimes already fighting members of the Resistance who had retreated into the swamps. At one point they were joined by two Naboo light scout frigates and an aquatic transport, which they used to sink a Federation Ocean Troop Transport and to travel up the swamp.[1]

This section of the article assumes 100% game completion of Star Wars: Episode I Jedi Power Battles. Any alternate stories may be noted in the "Behind the scenes" section. Note: The events in this section may or may not have been confirmed as canon within the Star Wars Legends continuity.

Along the way, the two Jedi[5] fought through a large force of over 50 Federation battle droids in a dry riverbed, including one OOM-series command droid. The two Jedi also disrupted a command center. Moving past it, they destroyed 3 Plasma battle droids and 26 more battle droids.[4]

After that, they encountered 5 more Plasma battle droids guarding a bridge, along with more battle droids, some carrying missile launchers. Past the bridge, the Jedi Force Jumped through a set of ruins and avoided being eaten by carnivorous plants and the kreetles.[4]

After the ruins, they passed into the swamps and faced seven more battle droids and more carnivorous plants. They also avoided a Gungan pit trap full of kreetles.[4]

Near the sacred place, they were challenged by thirteen Gungan warriors; the two Jedi drove them off with non-lethal force. They then met the Gungan Security Chief. The Chief was bested in a short duel with the Jedi. During the duel, he leapt onto a statue several times to throw boomas or call in reinforcements—other Gungan warriors and kaadu. Thinking the Jedi had been worn down by his warriors, the Chief engaged the two Jedi again with his electropole, although he was defeated. Impressed, he let the Naboo proceed to see Boss Nass.[4]


"Now dat Otoh Gunga issa no more, wesa must unite all deh Gungans at deh Sacred Place."
―Boss Nass[src]

They soon arrived at the Sacred Place, where Amidala revealed herself to Nass as the Queen of Naboo and begged for her help. Nass agreed to join with her to free Naboo.[3] The Naboo security volunteers waited for Captain Panaka's orders,[6] as did several dozen members of the Naboo Underground. The Sith Lord Darth Maul secretly observed the proceedings using probe droids.[7] In large part because of Jar Jar Bink's role in the unification between the Gungans and the Naboo, Nass, in addition to revoking Bink's exile, also promoted the Gungan to Bombad General, to Bink's horror. The Gungan composer Augara Jowil was present, and stunned by the events she had just witnessed, wrote the "Symponik Nabooalla" to commemorate the unification of the two peoples. The piece was later performed at the peace ceremony following the end of the war.[8]

Behind the scenes[]

The Queen's meeting with the Gungans first appeared in materials relating to Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace,released in 1999. Later releases filled in the details surrounding the meeting.

Released in 2000 was the video game Star Wars: Episode I Jedi Power Battles showed the Jedi as they approached the Sacred Place. The game's strategy guide revealed ways through the mission. Defeating the battle droids is not the only option; many of them can be skipped. Beating the Gungan NPCs in the mission results in them running away, although it is possible to kill them permanently. Regardless, the player receives points for the action.

The 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds showed the Gungans' retreat to the Sacred Place. The game's strategy guide detailed the best way to pass the mission. The guide recommended leading Nass and company slowly toward the sacred place to avoid one of the creatures. After the Federation outpost was destroyed, the game switches perspective and controls to that of the Queen and her escorts. Two Naboo repeater troopers replace the pilots and guards seen in the movie. The guide recommends sending Jinn and Kenobi ahead to deal with ambushes, then retreating to heal their hitpoints. The game ends if any of the named "hero" characters die. Using a cheat code to show the entirety of the map shows OOM-9 in the corner with a landing craft.


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