The Battle of the Silent Blades was the end of a anti-piracy campaign fought by the Galactic Empire in the Outer Rim. It marked the end of the Silent Blades and was also the spark to ignite the mutiny onboard the Far Orbit.[1]


For weeks the Silent Blades had harassed the local governments and destroyed a number of System patrol craft and starfighters. The officials were demanding Imperial assistance. Possessing insight on pirate tactics, Captain Vocis Kenit quickly hunted the pirates down and trapped them in their asteroid lair.[1]

The BattleEdit

After being trapped the pirates could not escape, however the terrain was too dangerous for the Far Orbit to attack alone. First Officer Dhas Vedij suggested to call for reinforcements, but Kenit was furious that someone else might get the glory.[1] Ignoring the advice, Kenit ordered all TIE/LN starfighters to launch and attack. The pirates fought furiously and in the end, all TIEs were destroyed. One of the pilots killed was Elon Vedij, brother of the First Officer.[1] Despite the Imperial losses, the pirates were defeated. A few of them however, managed to escape.[1]


Saddened by the loss of his brother and furious about Kenit's ignorance and incompetence, this event brought Dhas Vedij's thoughts of mutiny to a final decision. A short time later, he would take over the ship and join the Rebellion.[1] The few survivors of the Silent Blades would organize themselves as the Tarnished Blades under the command of Shel Marcino. With the light freighter Dark Vendetta and two Preybird-class starfighters in their possession, they would seek revenge against the Far Orbit.[1]


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