The Battle of the Tungra sector was a minor battle shortly after the Battle of Hoth.


The battle was in retaliation to the attack on Outpost D-34. Imperial Intelligence traced the attackers to the Tungra sector where an illicit weapons arms deal between the Rebel Alliance and the Mugaari pirates at a loading area was taking place. The Imperials attacked the site during the next weapons exchange, catching both parties at the same time.

The BattleEdit

The Imperial attack force, led by the frigate Fogger attacked the Mugaari supply depot. The Mugaari's starfighters, Red and Blue Squadron, were soon destroyed by TIE Interceptors. While the Stormtrooper transports attacked the Fogger, Maarek Stele learned that the Rebel transport Dawn contained Alliance advisers and destroyed it, along with the other transports Prince and Destion. The Cargo ferries, Gallon, Romold, Kann, and Wess, meanwhile attempted to escape into hyperspace. However, all of them were destroyed before they could escape.


The Imperial attack was a success. Both parties of the weapons deal were destroyed. However, while the battle took place, Outpost D-34 came under attack and was captured.

Behind the scenesEdit

The battle is battle 1 mission 3 in Star Wars: TIE Fighter.

This is the storyline of the mission following "medium" difficulty. In "hard" difficulty two Rebel starfighter squadrons of 3 B-wings and X-wings respectively enter the battle at a late stage and both must be destroyed as part of the bonus objective.


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