The Battle of the minefield was a conflict during the Battle for Honor campaign during the Galactic Civil War.


Maarek Stele was transferred to the Victory I-class Star Destroyer Protector, following the conflict at Mylok IV. Admiral Harkov, was finalising his arrangements with the Rebel Alliance, when he learned of Stele's presence from his advisor Vondruln. Knowing that Stele was a threat to his plans, Vondruln planned to have him killed in an 'accident'. Vondruln assigned Stele to show two rookie pilots how a hotshot clear a minefield in an unshielded craft. An agent from the Secret Order of the Emperor warned Stele of the unnecessary risk this assignment posed to him; moreover, to stay alert, and not hesitate to call for reinforcements as they had prepared “special arrangements”.


Stele departed the Protector in TIE Interceptor Gamma 1, escorted by two other Interceptors. Stele proceeded to destroy the minefield around four cargo containers. Admiral Harkov came across the comlink as Stele blasted away Type A mines. Harkov suggested that Stele should move along, as his loyalty was in question. Growing frustrated at Stele's successful clearing of the minefield, Harkov declared an end to the farce. He called Stele "the Emperor's stoolpigeon" then ordered Stele’s supposedly "rookie" wingmen to destroy Stele’s starfighter.

Stele called for reinforcements as his wing-mates opened fire. Nebulon-B2 frigate Osprey answered that call, emerging from hyperspace. The Protector began launching TIE Avengers and TIE/sa bombers, swiftly answered by loyalist TIE Interceptors from the Osprey. Imperial fighters clashed in a fury of laser fire as Stele dumped all power into his engines to escape the string of pursuers.

The Mon Calamari Cruiser Margaret arrived as Gamma 1 neared the safety of the Osprey’s gun range. Shuttle Lambda exited the Protector's hangar moments after Margaret arrived. Frigate Osprey ordered Stele to inspect the Lambda, curious of its cargo. Stele obeyed, hoping that the fully raging melee among Imperial starfighters provided a shred of safety. The passive inspection by Gamma 1 revealed an Officer aboard the Lambda, heading for the Margaret.

Stele turned his Interceptor back toward the Osprey, six kilometers away, through as maelstrom of Imperial and Rebel starfighters, all the while in an unshielded craft. Nearing the Osprey, Stele contributed to the battle for a short time, eliminating some of Harkov’s fighters with the aid of Osprey’s laser batteries, and by dumping his laser generator power into his engines to catch much faster TIE Avengers. Once safely in the hanger of Osprey, the Secret Order agent once again met with Stele, assuring him they now had irrefutable proof of Harkov’s treachery.


Aboard the Protector, Admiral Harkov was livid. Harkov berated his advisers, Vondruln in particular. Harkov spat in anger, Stele having escaped, the Empire discovering his traitorous plot, moreover the fact he now had no leverage to assure payment from the Rebellion with the Empire now on his tail. Having met his limit, Harkov drew his blaster and executed Vondruln with a bolt to the chest. Harkov finished by barking at his men to clean up the mess and make themselves scarce.

Stele was also livid with the Secret Order, he knew they would've let him die in the incident if he was not useful to them. He threatened to quit the order, but was convinced to stay when they revealed that it was Harkov who killed Admiral Mordon, the closest thing Stele had to a father. Stele decided to stay so that he could bring Harkov to justice.

Behind the scenesEdit

The battle is on Star Wars: TIE Fighter as Battle 5 Mission 1. This article assumes completion of secondary mission objectives. The bonus objectives require all mines cleared, the supply containers, the two TIE Intercepters, the Lambda-class shuttle and all enemy squadrons destroyed. Completion of all these bonus objectives is considered extremely difficult.

In "Hard" difficulty there even more mines to clear then "Medium" difficulty.


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