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"Hah-ha! A Jedi? One measly Jedi?! What do you think you can do against an army?"
―The Separatist commander before his army was decimated by a lone Jedi[3]

During the Clone Wars, a battle was fought on a planet between the Jedi Master Yoda and the forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, led by a cyborg commander. Using a chaingun, Yoda single-handedly defeated the entire enemy army, except for the commander, whom the Jedi Master allowed to flee.


"Folks 'round here just don't take too kindly to strangers…especially since them Separatists have come along and started taking over everything. Yep—they've been stealing all the farms round here and enslaving everyone to work'em…"
―The cantina patron, to Yoda[3]

During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems arrived on a planet and began taking over local farms and enslaving local people. Approximately six months after the First Battle of Geonosis, Jedi Master Yoda arrived on the same planet and entered a small town carrying a large crate on his back. The citizens—who did not take too kindly to strangers—taunted the Jedi Master because of his unusual appearance, but Yoda did not respond. He put his crate on the ground and entered the nearby cantina, where he ordered himself a drink. The lone cantina patron recognized that Yoda was a Jedi, and explained to him the current state of events on the planet. Soon, one of the locals ran into the bar, warning of an approaching Separatist army. Upon hearing this, Yoda exited the cantina.[3]

The battle[]

"Greetings citizens. We have come to confiscate your land. Please do not attempt any type of insurrection…or we will be forced to act with extreme prejudice."
―The cyborg Separatist commander[3]

Soon, the Confederacy army—consisting of a large number of B1-Series battle droids, B2 super battle droids, DSD1 dwarf spider droids and tracked tanks—appeared at the outskirts of the town. The army's cyborg commander, riding on a gun platform, informed the citizens that the Confederate forces were going to "confiscate" their land and asked them not to attempt to rebel against the suppression. The commander then spotted Yoda standing near the crate and laughed at the idea of one Jedi fighting against an army. In response, Yoda pushed the red button on the side of his crate. The crate opened up, revealing a chaingun, and Yoda jumped to the controls of the weapon.[3]

Yoda leaves the town.

At that moment, the Separatist commander ordered his troops to kill Yoda. Following this command, the droid army opened fire. Yoda opened fire as well, quickly decimating the entire army except for the commander. Yoda then stopped shooting, ignited his lightsaber, and jumped at the remaining Separatist, slicing his gun platform in half. Frightened, the commander ran away.[3]


"Thank you, stranger."
―The cantina patron to Yoda after the battle[3]

Yoda chose not to pursue the cyborg, and deactivated his lightsaber. He then silently packed his chaingun back into the crate and left. Surprised, the citizens stared at his back, and the cantina patron whom Yoda had met earlier thanked the Jedi Master.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

This battle was depicted in the comic A Stranger in Town, written and illustrated by the Fillbach Brothers and published in Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 3.[3]



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