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"Kill them! Kill them all!"
―Pre Vizsla commands the Death Watch to massacre inhabitants of Carlac[1]

A skirmish occurred on Carlac between R2-D2, Lux Bonteri, Ahsoka Tano and Pre Vizsla's Death Watch warriors. Bonteri, Tano, and R2-D2 had arrived on the planet Carlac after the Confederate–Republic peace conference, where Bonteri had interrupted. He had gained the location of Count Dooku through a holotrace device. Bonteri wished to get revenge on Dooku for the death of his mother, Mina Bonteri, but saw that the Death Watch were not allies he had believed they are when the skirmish started. The Death Watch warriors, under Vizsla's command started to torch Ming Po Town. Tano was captured during her attempt to halt the slaughter, but eventually escaped with R2-D2 and Bonteri.[1]


The Mandalorian terrorist group known as Death Watch came into existence to oppose Duchess Satine Kryze's New Mandalorians and their pacifist government. Lead by Pre Vizsla, who was angered by the Duchess and her government not following the ancient warrior ways of Mandalore,[5] Death Watch allied with Count Dooku and his Confederacy of Independent Systems. However, their planned takeover failed[6] and Vizsla confronted the Count.[1] According to Death Watch's account, Dooku betrayed Death Watch,[5] and the Confederate-Mandalorian alliance fell out. During their encounter,[1] Dooku scarred Vizsla with his lightsaber.[7] Death Watch became nomadic crew of brigands,[8] and the once strictly regulated army's[9] military precision fell,[10] making them into a group of ruthless outlaws.[9] Death Watch ultimately found safe haven on[10] the Outer Rim world of Carlac, creating a temporary base near Ming Po Town. The Mandalorians were able to raid this defenseless village,[11] stealing food and taking the town's women as servants. Death Watch also possessed a small group of droids, some of which were resembled battle droids, to use as target practice. With their alliance with the Separatists over, Death Watch now made plans to assassinate Dooku. To accomplish this goal they came into contact with Lux Bonteri, who also wished to kill[1] the Count of Serenno.[12]

The son of Separatist Senator Mina Bonteri, Bonteri's mother and Padmé Amidala, a close friend and Republic senator, attempted to promote peace between their warring governments. During this time, Lux also met Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano, befriending and growing some romantic feelings for her. However, the peace initiative failed with the bombing of Coruscant's central power distribution grid,[13] and Dooku ordered for his agents to kill Mina.[14] While he initially filled his mother's role in the Separatist Senate, Lux learned Dooku was behind his mother's death and swore revenge against him.[15] Believing Death Watch was a noble group, he allied with them and planned to pinpoint Dooku's current location using a holotrace device. To get the Count's attention, Bonteri traveled to Mandalore to interrupt for the first-ever Confederate–Republic peace conference. Upon entering, Bonteri surprised the group, which included Amidala and Tano, and soon told the group of delegates that Dooku had killed his mother. However, the Confederate representatives rejected his claims and had him taken away by two BX-series droid commandos, but they were soon followed by Padawan Tano. Bonteri was taken inside a C-9969 landing craft and brought before Dooku's hologram, but he repeated his accusation and secretly activated his holotrace device, which would allow Death Watch to find and kill the Separatist leader. Dooku was unimpressed with the boy's bravery and ordered for the droids to kill Bonteri, but, after the Head of State's hologram deactivated, Tano suddenly entered the room,[1] as Bonteri had hoped.[16] The Jedi Padawan was able to quickly defeat both droids and called R2-D2 to prepare their starship. Running from the landing craft, Tano and Bonteri were chased through the hallways of Sundari until they approached a Republic GX1 short hauler, allowing for the pair's escape and for their droid pursers to be held up by Captain Taggart's Senate Commandos.[1]

The two boarded the ship and prepared to head to Coruscant as it took off from Mandalore. R2-D2 was present on ship, and Tano spoke with her master Anakin Skywalker via hologram. He informed her the peace negations had all but collapsed, and that they would discuss giving Bonteri amnesty when they arrived at Coruscant. After Skywalker's hologram deactivated however, Bonteri pulled a small blaster on Tano and told her he could not go with her. Bonteri told her he had a plan, but Tano took the blaster from him and questioned why he would carry the baster, knowing he was not a fighter. Bonteri answered that he was no longer a Separatist either, but would not join the Republic. Tano told Bonteri that she understood all he had been through and that he felt alone, but she stated the Republic would help Bonteri grew angry and cited that the Republic was unable to help his mother. Bonteri told her that he had made contact with a group on Carlac, which he stated was noble and allied with his cause to kill Dooku. Tano argued the only one he would kill was himself, and planned to still take them to Coruscant, but while she was distracted Bonteri zapped her unconscious a small device he was carrying. He apologized to her, and as he placed her unconscious body in a chair R2 entered, but Bonteri told the astromech droid that she was only exhausted and needed sleep.[1]

Time with Death Watch[]

Battle droid 513 fights back against his tormentors

"What have you gotten us into?"
"It's all under control."
"These are the Death Watch. They're Mandalorian terrorists. They'll kill us both."
―Ahsoka Tano and Lux Bonteri on Carlac[1]

Bonteri took control of the ship, jumped to hyperspace, and arrived at Carlac. He also took Tano's lightsabers and hid them, but Tano woke up sometime after landing. She told R2-D2 to find them, but after going to outside to question Bonteri Death Watch forces appeared. Tano recognized the group and Bonteri told Bo-Katan Kryze he had the information. When questioned, Tano claimed to be Bonteri's betrothed. R2 came off the ship having found Tano's lightsaber, but she silently gestured to the droid to hide them from view. The Bonteri, Tano, and R2 arrived to the camp with the Death Watch soldiers, and as they entered various Death Watch soldiers blasted at captured droids, which frightened R2. Tano and Bonteri were brought inside to part of the camp.[1]

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