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"What is this? What's happening?"
"What does it look like, Black Leader? An unprovoked attack!"
―Temmin Wexley and Colonel Squill[1]

Following the Battle of Starkiller Base, members of the Resistance's Black Squadron were unintentionally involved in a local battle on the Outer Rim world Pastoria. Visiting the planet in the hopes of persuading King Siroc into allying with the Resistance, Black Squadron, led by Temmin Wexley, were instead tricked into assisting with the death of the king's primary rival.


"Our first stop was an Outer Rim planet called Pastoria. Not the strongest world militarily, but they had fuel resources we could use, and their ruler was influential."
Jessika Pava[1]

Siroc shows Black Squadron around his kingdom

Shortly after the Resistance's victory at the Battle of Starkiller Base, the First Order discovered the location of the Resistance base on D'Qar.[3] As the Resistance evacuated their base, General Leia Organa assigned the members of Black Squadron to find and gather allies for the Resistance. Excluding Poe Dameron, who remained behind to assist with the evacuation, the squadron departed from the Resistance base, heading for the Outer Rim planet of Pastoria, where they planned to use their fuel resources and the influence of the Pastorian king Siroc to spread the word of the Resistance.[1]

The battle[]

"Siroc's fighters…they're…just hunting the others down. Shooting them in the back."
―Karé Kun[1]

Black Squadron landed on Pastoria, meeting with King Siroc. Temmin Wexley greeted the king, who acted as if he was planning to assist them, telling the squadron that he agreed with their views on the First Order. Believing that the king would help them, Black Squadron asked the king to send out a broadcast that would influence other systems to fight against the First Order. Siroc, who knew that resisting against the First Order would lead to severe consequences, instead asked Black Squadron to provide assistance with a group of terrorists who sought to depose him. He introduced them to Colonel Squill, requesting that the squadron help escort one of his transports through what he claimed was a region occupied by the terrorists.[1]

Black Squadron watch as the transport is destroyed

As they traveled through the region, the group were met by forces of Siroc's closest rival, who thought they were being invaded by Black Squadron and Siroc's forces, and were attempting to defend against it. In retaliation, Colonel Squill ordered the king's forces to defend the transport he was on. As the king's forces were taking damage, Wexley decided that Black Squadron had to engage the enemy forces, but only to shoot to disable and ensure minimal casualties.[1]

After attempting to disable an enemy fighter, Suralinda Javos discovered that the shields on the Pastorian fighters were far weaker than they had expected. As the enemy forces pulled back, Siroc's fighters opened fire on them and headed for their transport, and destroyed it, killing Siroc's rival in the process.[1]


"Snap…what happened here? What did we do?"
"I don't know, Karé. But I think we should go find out."
―Karé Kun and Temmin Wexley[1]

Wexley confronts Siroc

Black Squadron returned to Siroc, and Wexley demanded to know what they had been used for. Siroc confessed that the transport they had helped destroy held the closest claimant to his throne aboard, and that he had wanted to eliminate him so that when the First Order inevitably arrived on the planet, they would negotiate with him rather than his rival, who would resist and get the Pastorians killed. Black Squadron tried to convince Siroc that there was no possibility of negotiating with the First Order, but Siroc continued to believe that he could get them to do what he wanted. Realizing Siroc was never going to help the Resistance, Black Squadron left Pastoria, heading elsewhere in search of allies.[1]


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