"Batu Rem is on leave, he shouldn't even be on this station. This man isn't him."
―Lieutenant Grenn on the bounty hunter disguised as Batu Rem.[src]

Batu Rem was a Human male officer in the Telos Security Force aboard Citadel Station over Telos following the Jedi Civil War. He served under the command of Dol Grenn. When Rem went on leave, he was replaced by an impostor who assumed his name.

Shortly after the security cameras short out, the imposter came over to the Jedi Exile's force cage and deactivated it, along with her companions', to kill the three of them. He failed and was discovered as an imposter by Grenn and the rest of the TSF Officers. The Jedi Exile later found out that the latter arrived to Telos via a tramp freighter from Nar Shaddaa.

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