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"Ah, perfect. A Batuuan."
―Davan Marak[src]

Batuuans were the citizens of the planet Batuu.[1] Settlers of the planet came to eons before the time of the First Order, before lightspeed technology was widely available. While a thriving trading stop in early days, when major hyperspace routes bypassed the Batuu, it became an ideal place for people seeking a quiet life. Through the arrival of many species, Batuuans developed a friendly, open culture and melded their different traditions. They were known for their hospitality, exemplified by establishments such as Oga Garra's cantina.[2]

Batuaans used the phrase "Bright suns" as a morning's greeting, "Rising moons" as an evening's greeting and "Till the Spire" as an all-purpose farewell.[2]

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