"It seems as though Chasdy was born without the ability to make an honest living."

Baydo Chasdy—"Bay" to his friends—was a Human male who owned the HyperDive Cantina on the planet Mon Calamari during the Galactic Civil War. Part of the Fathoms entertainment complex, the HyperDive's unique selling point was that the entire establishment was submerged under a meter of water. A self-admitted gambler, womanizer, and con man, Chasdy was also a member of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, operating as a Foster Agent for Alliance Special Operations. Chasdy was a point of contact for Rebel agents who had been stranded in the field or had their covers exposed, and it was his duty to return them to the Alliance using his personal starship, the modified YT-1300 light freighter Chaser. His frequent absences from managing the HyperDive were explained by the multitude of scams and cons that he was always running, and it offered the perfect cover for his activities.


"When bragging about his HyperDive, Chasdy likes to say, 'We're the only dive-in cantina in the galaxy.'"
Cohden K'Reye[1]

Baydo Chasdy was a Human male who resided on the planet Mon Calamari during the Galactic Civil War. Known as "Bay" to his friends, Chasdy was an inveterate gambler and womanizer who spent much of his life as a self-confessed con man, swindler, and liar. During the Galactic Civil War, Chasdy rented space in the Fathoms entertainment complex in Wildwater City's Glitter Cay tower from the owner, the Mon Calamari entrepreneur and crime lord Odanni. In the space, he established the HyperDive Cantina, a rowdy bar where spacers could meet, drink Geillian ale, play sabacc, and watch sporting events. However, the HyperDive had one unique selling point: it was submerged under a meter of water. Wetsuits and bathing togs were recommended attire, with raised plastech tables stretching from the floor to above the water level to allow patrons to rest their drinks. The bar was similarly appointed, stools were bolted to the floor, and a corner of the cantina was dedicated to games of chance and sabacc tables. Holoscreens were placed high along the walls, allowing patrons to watch sporting events such as the shockball championship.[1]

The rental fee for the HyperDive was relatively cheap, and Chasdy also gave Odanni a small percentage of his profits. Odanni believed that the ability to earn an honest living was beyond Chasdy, but the gambler refuted that claim, pointing out that owning the HyperDive made him a legitimate businessman. Despite owning the cantina, Chasdy was rarely there. He left the running of the bar to his Kian'thar bartender, Lliegis'Nevz. As Chasdy knew little about managing a business, that was seen as a fortunate turn of events, as the cantina would have been bankrupted without Lliegis'Nevz's presence.[1]

Chasdy's regular excursions away from the HyperDive were a cover. People who knew him believed that his absences were attempts to swindle someone else out of their money, or run a con game, as he was well known to run a multitude of scams at the same time. They generally considered him to be harmless, with little skills as a con man, but one who was lucky. Chasdy did nothing to refute their beliefs, using it as the perfect cover for one of the most dangerous jobs in the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Operating as a Foster Agent for Alliance Special Operations, his job was to assist orphaned operatives—those agents who had been stranded or had their cover exposed—to return to the Alliance.[1] Chasdy's dual life was perilous; Foster Agents were always in danger of being discovered by the Galactic Empire, as their names were given to operatives who were in danger of capture, who could be forced to reveal the name of their contact under interrogation.[2] Rebels in need of Chasdy's help would seek him out in the HyperDive, and he would then use his ship, the modified YT-1300 light freighter Chaser, to deliver them safely back to the Alliance.[1]

Baydo Chasdy helps out a pair of individuals

Sometime during the Galactic Civil War, a group of Alliance agents were being pursued by the Empire. Chasdy was their nearest point of contact, and they had to evade Imperial pursuit, Wildwater City's shady denizens, and Odanni—who believed that capturing the group would lead to a profitable situation for herself—before reaching safety. At another time, a group of spacers was hired by Koll, a Qwohog medic for the Alliance, to find his sister, Kei No Kay. Tracking her down to Wave Works, a gift shop in the Fathoms complex, the spacers discovered that she was being kept as a slave by the Ishi Tib owner of the store, Jund Voon, and was forced to create wondrous pieces of artwork for him to sell. The spacers attempted to convince Chasdy and Lliegis'Nevz of the situation at Wave Works, and to attain their help in rescuing her. Voon, aware of the spacers' intent, did not want to lose his prize, and considered contracting the services of the feared Quarren, Nollo Kanx, who operated as an enforcer and assassin for Odanni, to deal with the group.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Baydo Chasdy was a gambling, womanizing scoundrel who cheerfully admitted to lying, cheating and swindling others. Considered incompetent and unskilled—albeit lucky—by his peers, Chasdy carefully cultivated his image to distract people from his true work as an Alliance Foster Agent. He had no head for business, and happily left the running of the HyperDive to Lleigis'Nevz, although he enjoyed bragging about the place and its unique features. Although his peers doubted his skills, Chasdy was an accomplished con man and forger, able to intimidate or persuade his targets as needed. He was streetwise and stealthy, but trained in unarmed combat and the use of a blaster. His operation of the Chaser meant he could fly space transports, including navigating through hyperspace, as well as operating the ship's weapons, deflector shields, and sensors.[1]

Chasdy had knowledge of several alien languages, and was able to determine the value of items for sale. His running of the submerged HyperDive cantina gave him above-average swimming skills, and he was technically adept with security systems. He generally carried falsified papers and fake IDs, a datapad, several changes of clothes, a chronometer, and a recording rod, and was armed with a hold-out blaster and a blaster pistol.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Baydo Chasdy appeared in Wretched Hives of Scum & Villainy, a supplement for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game published by West End Games in 1997. The supplement was written by Paul Danner, with illustrations of Chasdy provided by Joel Carroll.


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