Baylan was something of a minor legend among slicing circles, famed for his skill at infiltrating and fixing computer systems. His reputation suggested he had done this mainly through the Core Worlds, and that he could overcome 2048-bit encryption.[1] In 31 BBY, Gerta Haman was able to call in some favors to get Baylan to program a datapad with impressive decryption software, capable of slicing almost any system while disguising the activities as routine memory checks.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Those who played A Revelation at the convention where it premiered were able to keep Baylan's datapad for their characters after the event. It granted gargantuan bonuses to rolls made to infiltrate systems, but would only function four more times.[1] The gamemaster notes in the adventure Into the Storm Clouds mention that this item could be used to bypass the computer security of the weapon of mass destruction Conkesta.



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