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"What happens when we find Thrawn?"
"For some, war. For others…a new beginning."
"And for us?"
"Power. Such as you've never dreamed."
―Shin Hati and Baylan Skoll[4]

Baylan Skoll was a Force-sensitive human male mercenary lord who was a former Jedi Knight and Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic. Skoll managed to survive the Great Jedi Purge. During the New Republic Era, Skoll and his apprentice Shin Hati were allied with the forces of Morgan Elsbeth, an industrialist and Nightsister survivor who sought the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn of the Galactic Empire. The mission to find Thrawn coincided with fellow Purge survivor Ahsoka Tano and her apprentice Sabine Wren's search for Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger, resulting in a battle between Skoll and Tano on the planet Seatos in which Tano was defeated and Wren was taken prisoner.

Shortly after arriving at Peridea and sensing its connection to the Force, Skoll met with Grand Admiral Thrawn, but he was truly unconcerned with Elsbeth and Thrawn's plans. When sent by Thrawn with Hati to hunt down and destroy Bridger and Wren, his views diverged from Hati as they started to drift in their own separate ways about the future of the force and their destinies. Upon finding Bridger, Skoll and Hati parted as the mentor no longer believed that Hati's future and destiny could be achieved if she continued to be his apprentice. He briefly confronted Ahsoka Tano again before escaping her and continuing his journey to discover his destiny on the planet.

After Thrawn and Ezra's escape from Peridea, Skoll continued his search for his destiny and came upon the statues of The Father and The Son, as well as a statue of The Daughter which had been severely damaged, unaware that his former apprentice was still on the planet, along with Ahsoka Tano, Sabine Wren, and Huyang.


Jedi Order[]

"When I was a bit older than you are now, I watched everything I knew burn."
"The Jedi Temple?"
"I couldn't make sense of it at the time. As you get older, look at history, you realize it's all inevitable. The fall of the Jedi, rise of the Empire. It repeats again and again and again."
―Baylan Skoll, and his apprentice Shin Hati[3]
Jedi Order

Baylan Skoll was trained in the ways of the Force as a member of the Jedi Order.

Baylan Skoll was a human[1] male[2] born during the era of the Galactic Republic. As a Force-sensitive, Skoll was at some point brought into the Jedi Order, where he eventually rose to the rank of Jedi Knight.[1] During his time in the Order, he learned of Peridea. He believed it to be old stories and fairy tales.[4] Skoll was acquainted with Huyang, as well as fellow Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, who spoke highly of his Padawan Ahsoka Tano.[2] Skoll was a Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic, but in 19 BBY,[5] the Clone Wars ended[6] with Supreme Chancellor and secret Sith Lord Sheev Palpatine reforming the Republic into the Galactic Empire, and ordering the execution of all Jedi.[7]

Skoll managed to survive the Purge. With the Order defunct, he eventually became[1] a mysterious[8] mercenary.[1] At some point in the interim, he became aware of Skywalker's fate as the Sith Lord Darth Vader. He would subsequently harbor deep disgust of his former colleague, and would later tell Tano that her legacy would be to cause destruction just like her master. Also during this time, Baylan Skoll would eventually attain the title of Lord.[2]

New Republic Era[]

Pathway to Peridea[]

Rescuing Morgan Elsbeth[]
"You're right about one thing, Captain. We are no Jedi."
―Baylan Skoll, to Hayle[1]

Baylan Skoll trained an apprentice named Shin Hati on the hope he could forge her into something more than a Jedi

Lord[2] Skoll managed to survive past the time of the Galactic Civil War and into the New Republic Era, where the Jedi Order was being reformed under the leadership of Luke Skywalker. By that point, Skoll had taken on an apprentice named Shin Hati,[1] whom he trained under the hope she would be more than a Jedi.[3] In 9 ABY,[9] followers of the Imperial leader Grand Admiral Thrawn, who was trapped in a distant galaxy along with Ezra Bridger, planned to initiate his return to the galaxy and restore the Galactic Empire under his leadership. However, Tano captured Morgan Elsbeth, an ally of Thrawn and a major leader of the effort to return him, hindering the plan. Having become an associate of Elsbeth, Skoll embarked on an effort to rescue her[1] so as to help in the search for Thrawn: Skoll had sensed a great power connected to the Grand Admiral's location that he hoped to acquire.[4] In the role of mercenaries, Skoll and Hati worked under Elsbeth, where they would also become acquainted with the Inquisitor Marrok, and planned to rescue her.[1]

Later that same year aboard their Eta-class shuttle the pair intercepted the New Republic Defense Fleet vessel Vesper. Skoll and Hati, posing as Jedi, attempted to board the starship using an old Jedi code and upon landing were confronted by a security detail commanded by Captain Hayle. Captain Hayle, whilst suspicious of their actions, had decided to allow the pair to board, believing that they were Imperials who would be easy to capture. Hayle soon revealed his doubts and ordered they be scanned to determine if their arrests were wanted, but before this could be taken out, Skoll issued a nodded signal to Hati, who swiftly began to slaughter the New Republic crew officers aboard, after Skoll stated that he would prove their identification. As Hayle aimed his blaster at Hati, Skoll used the Force to twist his arm round to face him, before stating that he was right in believing that they were not Jedi, then stabbing his lightsaber through the captain's torso.[1]


Baylan Skoll killed New Republic troopers on his way to free Morgan Elsbeth.

Allowing the captain's corpse to collapse to the floor, Skoll followed his apprentice, who continued to advance through the ship. As Hati continued to murder most of the crew as she proceeded to the bridge, Skoll marched through the hallway to free Elsbeth from her cell, slicing through troopers who stood in his way and choking one to death with the Force. Skoll eventually arrived at Elsbeth's cell, where he removed her restraints and offered out his hand to help her out of the detention block. Elsbeth stated that Skoll was true to his word, to which he responded that he would be well paid for it. Elsbeth soon revealed to Skoll that the Jedi who captured her recently interrogated her and gained key information in regards to locating Thrawn. After Skoll asked for the identity of the Jedi, Elsbeth revealed that it was Ahsoka Tano. Skoll, Hati, and Elsbeth then departed the ship, leaving no trace of their attack behind.[1]

Reclaiming the map[]
"Why Lothal? What thread is she spinning?"
"No, it's not witchcraft. Ahsoka Tano's former apprentice is on Lothal. You're looking for Sabine Wren."
―Shin Hati and Baylan Skoll, on Morgan Elsbeth's orders[1]

Around that time, Ahsoka Tano explored the ruins of an ancient Nightsister temple on Arcana, which contained the map leading to the rumored location of Thrawn. She eventually found the map, and departed the planet with it. Following this, Skoll, Hati, Marrok, and Elsbeth arrived at the planet to find it missing. Skoll and Marrok searched the area but found nothing. After reporting back to Elsbeth, the Nightsister witch sensed that the map was in the hands of Tano's Padawan Sabine Wren. Skoll replied that they would be lucky if that were the case, to which Elsbeth ordered Skoll to send his apprentice to the planet Lothal to retrieve it. Hati questioned the order, though Skoll, who commanded her to follow through with the command, assured her that there was no witchcraft involved, and told her that Elsbeth was looking for Wren.[1]

Pathway to peridea

Elsbeth and Skoll brought the map to Seatos in order to locate Pathway to Peridea.

Hati was successful in her mission and retrieved the map. She soon returned to Skoll, who in turn contacted Elsbeth. They eventually made their way to the planet Seatos, the location Elsbeth had told them was a reflex point and where they found a mapping mechanism. There Elsbeth opened the map in front of them, revealing pathway to a second galaxy. After Elsbeth pointed to a specific one, Skoll realized it was Peridea, and that the stories he had heard at the Jedi Temple were true. As Elsbeth left, Skoll was asked by his apprentice as to what would follow the return of the missing Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy, Thrawn, which he replied with the answer that for some individuals, what would follow would be war or a new beginning, but for them, it would be gaining otherwise unforeseen power. Skoll then ordered Hati to travel to Corellia and assist in the operation there.[4]

The hunt for Ahsoka Tano[]
"Her presence in the Force is elusive. Yet her determination is vivid. She is coming."
―Baylan Skoll, to Morgan Elsbeth on Ahsoka Tano[4]
Elsbeth-Skoll OnSeatos

Skoll and Elsbeth's plans to travel to Peridea continued apace in spite of Ahsoka Tano's efforts to hinder their journey.

Eventually, Elsbeth made her way back to the Eye of Sion in the Denab system. Skoll, Hati, and Marrok all contacted her through hologram. Marrok having encountered Tano on Corellia, Elsbeth ordered Skoll to kill Tano, which Skoll considered to be a shame. After Elsbeth asked if he was sentimental, Skoll responded that he was simply being truthful and that there were not many Jedi left.[4] Later, Hati and Marrok pursued Tano and Wren in space. The two eventually landed in a forest on Seatos, and Hati and Marrok attempted to find them. Simultaneously, Skoll arrived at the planet, and ordered his droids to hunt them down.[10]

When Tano and Wren landed on Seatos to retrieve the mapping mechanism, Skoll sent his apprentice and Marrok to confront them while he stood guard. Elsbeth soon left to board the Eye of Sion in preparation for their takeoff. After Tano killed Marrok, she made her way to Skoll, who sat waiting for her. Skoll told Tano that her master, the renowned Anakin Skywalker, spoke highly of her during their time in the Order, asking Tano if she abandoned Skywalker because of what he became. Skoll then discussed how he did not want to start another war, although he admitted his belief that one must destroy in order to create, and that the return of Thrawn was a necessary evil.[2]

The two then drew their lightsabers and dueled over control of the mapping mechanism. Not desiring to kill one of the last surviving members of the Jedi Order, Skoll fought only to keep Tano away from the map. While the activated mechanism transferred the coordinates leading to the distant galaxy to Elsbeth, Skoll defended the mechanism from Tano's grasp. Skoll told Tano that her legacy, like her master's, was one of death and destruction, before an incensed Tano retaliated to the verbal jab with a kick that knocked Skoll down. She then rushed to grab and deactivate the mechanism, although the orb's heated metal scorched her left hand. Enraged, Skoll would further attack Tano, pressing the power and offensive of his strikes to ward her further towards the edge of the cliff. The mechanism was reclaimed by Hati as she returned to the henge. Tano used the Force to throw and disable Hati. As Skoll and Tano continued their duel, Tano became trapped at the edge in a saber lock, forced to use her hurt hand to push with the Force. Reluctant that it got to this, Skoll told Tano that she gave him no other choice. Wren arrived at the henge, threatening to destroy the mechanism. Though Wren told Skoll to step away from Tano, Skoll sent Tano careening off of a precipice with an upward lightsaber strike.[2]

Eye of sion hyperdrive jump

The Eye of Sion jumped to hyperspace, leading Baylan Skoll and his allies into the New Beyond.

Skoll then faced Wren, telling her to do true by her word and destroy the mechanism, as that is what Wren's master would have done. Claiming that Wren's feelings regarding her family, her master, and Ezra Bridger were holding her back and that he served a greater good, Skoll convinced Wren to hand over the mechanism; in exchange, he promised that no harm would come to her and that she and Bridger would be reunited. When Hati reawakened she Force-choked Wren, but Skoll stopped her, stating that he would keep true to his word, unlike Tano. Skoll then reactivated the mapping mechanism, sending the final coordinates to the Eye of Sion, and destroyed the mechanism with his lightsaber. After reuniting with Elsbeth aboard the ring's command bridge along with Hati and Wren, Skoll, along with all others onboard the Eye, would jump to hyperspace.[2]

Pursuing the plan[]

Reaching Peridea[]
"That is Peridea. The ancient home world of my ancestors, the Dathomiri."
"The Jedi archives spoke of this place. It was the end of a migration route used by the star whales as they traversed the void from one galaxy to the other."
"My people were the first to harness and ride the creatures in the days before time was counted."
"The whales came here to die. Peridea is a graveyard."
―Morgan Elsbeth and Baylan Skoll, upon reaching the new galaxy[3]
Journey to Peridea

Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati accompanied Morgan Elsbeth on the journey to Peridea

During the journey to the new galaxy, Wren was placed within a cell aboard the Eye of Sion. Shortly afterwards, Skoll approached the door and watched Wren, who sarcastically stated that she would've hoped for a room with a view. Skoll chuckled, before responding by asking if she found the situation confining, with Wren responding that she did. The former Jedi stated that he thought it would make a great time for reflection, which Wren said she tried to avoid, prompting Skoll to respond that he understood why. As Skoll moved to walk away, Wren called out to him, reminding him of their deal. Lord Skoll simply smirked before walking away, causing Wren to shout out to him, repeating her point.[3]

Skoll soon marched back to the bridge of the Eye. Upon his return, Elsbeth questioned the situation with their prisoner. Skoll responded that she was impatient, and when asked if he still had intent on keeping his promise to her, he stated that she was blinded by her focus to find Bridger, and that she could still be of use to them. At that moment, one of the droids stated that the tracking was complete and that they had arrived at their destination. After exiting hyperspace, Elsbeth spoke of Peridea, which was now in view for the rest of the crew. Skoll then responded by talking about what the Jedi Archives had noted about the planet and its relation to the Purrgils. Morgan then revealed that the Nightsisters were the first to harness and ride the creatures in ancient times. Skoll then stated that Peridea was where Purrgil came to die, before referring to it as a graveyard. Moments later, one of the droids informed Elsbeth that they were receiving a beacon from the surface of the planet, leading Elsbeth to suggest that they should not keep the witches waiting.[3]

Meeting Grand Admiral Thrawn[]
Skoll: "I brought the prisoner. I felt she could be of some use to us."
Thrawn: "And you are?"
Elsbeth: "Mercenaries. Baylan Skoll and his apprentice, Shin Hati."
Thrawn: "Then you must be General Baylan Skoll of the Jedi Order."
Skoll: "I parted ways with the Jedi long ago."
Thrawn: "You would not be the first."
―Baylan Skoll, Thrawn and Morgan Elsbeth discuss Sabine Wren and Skoll's identity[3]
Baylan Shin Peridea

Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati upon arriving at Peridea

The Eye of Sion would soon arrive on Peridea, where Elsbeth met with three Dathomiri witches called the Great Mothers and requested to meet with Thrawn. Thrawn met with them after leaving his Star Destroyer, where he recognized Skoll as being a General of the Jedi Order. He later sent Skoll and Hati on a mission to kill Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren, forcing them to break their promise.[3]

Tracking Sabine Wren[]
"Do you miss it? The Order."
"I miss... the idea of it. But not the truth, the weakness. There was no future there."
"And you clearly see one here? In this wasteland?"
"I see what once was the great Witch Kingdom of the Dathomiri. The existence of the Great Mothers confirms this."
"They seem eager to leave this place. Maybe we should, too."
"Perhaps they flee a power greater than their own. Something calls to me. Can't you hear it? Something stirs here. Can't you see it?"
―Shin Hati and Baylan Skoll[3]

Traveling together across Peridea, Skoll and Hati rode atop their dark and light Howlers, through the grasslands and meadows in their search for the two Rebels. The two eventually found the aftermath of a battle between Wren and a nomadic group of bandits. Skoll soon concluded that Wren survived the encounter, due to the bodies of the dead bandits. Hati asked her master if he knew the individual Wren was so desperate to find, which Skoll denied, before referring to Ezra Bridger as a Bokken Jedi due to his training having occurred after the Order's fall. Intrigued, Hati questioned if she would fit the same description, which Skoll denied, stating that he had trained her to be much more than a Jedi. His apprentice then asked directly if her master missed the Jedi Order. Skoll remained silent, before admitting to missing the idea of it, but not the truth and weakness of what the Order eventually became, as he believed the Order no longer had a future.[3]

In response to Skoll's comments, Hati questioned if he really saw any future on Peridea, which she saw as nothing more than a wasteland. Skoll stated that the presence of the Great Mothers proved the world to be the ancient Witch Kingdom of the Dathmiri, confirming the old Jedi myths to be true. Hati pointed out that there may be a reason the Witches seemed so eager to leave the planet with Thrawn. Skoll suggested the idea that they were attempting to flee a greater power and revealed that something was calling to him, and that he was certain there was something special about Peridea, before questioning if Hati could sense it. Hati then brought attention to the fact that they were being watched by bandits, before grabbing her lightsaber. Skoll intervened and stated that there was no need for bloodshed, and that, for the meantime, the enemies of their enemies could be considered allies.[3]

Parting ways with Shin[]
"Contact Thrawn. kill Sabine Wren and Ezra Bridger. And take your place in the coming Empire."
"You won't help?"
"Your ambition drives you in one direction, my path lies in another."
[To the Imperials via a comlink]"I've located Ezra Bridger. Sending his coordinates now."
"One parting lesson, Shin. Impatience for victory will guarantee defeat."
―Baylan Skoll, and Shin Hati, before parting ways[11]

Skoll and Hati eventually found Wren and Bridger travelling across the planet with their crew of Noti. The duo soon noticed the mercenaries, prompting them to stop in their tracks, and swiftly turn around. Skoll then told Hati to contact Thrawn, kill Wren and Bridger, and take her place in the coming Empire. Confused, Hati asked if he had any intention of helping, which Skoll responded to by stating that with Hati's ambition guiding her one way, he believed that their paths lay in different directions. After a moments of silence, Hati then contacted Thrawn, informing them of the location of the three Force-sensitives and sending co-ordinates. Following this, Skoll offered one final lesson: that impatience for victory would guarantee defeat. As the other bandits continued past them, the master and apprentice looked each other in the eye. Hati gave a small nod to Skoll, which was soon returned by Skoll. The fallen Jedi then watched as his now former apprentice rode off with the rest of the bandits to pursue the Rebels.[11]

Soon after this, Tano - who survived her fall and had traveled to Peridea with help from the purrgil - landed before him. Activating both of her lightsabers, she engaged Skoll in another fight. However, they proved to be evenly matched, but Tano stated that she did not have to defeat him. Suddenly, Huyang fired missiles from his T-6 shuttle, which exploded around Skoll. The impact and smoke from the missiles gave Tano the distraction she needed to ride away on Skoll's howler.[11]

Baylan Statue Peridea

Skoll gazing into the distance on a statue of the Father on Peridea.

After Thrawn and his forces left Peridea, Skoll gazed into the distance toward a flickering light on a far off mountain that was the source of the energy calling to him. Skoll stood upon a statue of the Father that was pointing toward the light, with a statue of the Son right and to the left a decrepit statue of the Daughter.[12]

Personality and traits[]

"To kill her will be a shame. There are so few Jedi left."
―Baylan Skoll and Morgan Elsbeth, referring to Ahsoka Tano[4]

Baylan Skoll was a former Jedi who lost his faith after the destruction of the Jedi Order.

The mysterious[8] Baylan Skoll was a human male with white hair and light skin. Skoll was a former Jedi,[1] and even exhibited a sentimental attitude towards the Order when he expressed pity at the lack of surviving Jedi, although he nonetheless was prepared to kill Ahsoka Tano.[4] During the search for Peridea, Skoll told Elsbeth that he had lost his sense of faith long ago. He later expressed to Tano his perception that the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn would be a necessary evil in order to create a better future for the galaxy by way of conflict to bring about something new.[2]

Outwardly, Skoll possessed a calm, cool demeanor and only resorted to violence when absolutely necessary, giving certain potential enemies a chance to not stand in his way.[1] He also prided himself as honorable, guaranteeing that Sabine Wren would not be harmed if she accompanied him to find Ezra Bridger and later reprimanding his apprentice for trying to exact revenge on Wren from their duel. When in combat, his demeanor changed to a more aggressive approach, grunting and shouting during his duel with Tano, as well as mocking her for her master's legacy of death and destruction as Darth Vader as well as the one she was leaving behind. When Tano attempted to retrieve the map, Skoll told her it was "unwise" to do such a thing and claimed their duel was inevitable.[2]


Shin Hati, the apprentice of Baylan Skoll

His relationship with his apprentice, Hati, seemed to be adopted from his own training by the Jedi Order. He cared for his younger apprentice and became enraged when Tano Force pushed her into a nearby pillar, knocking her unconscious.[2] The relationship was mutual, with the younger Hati following in Skoll's footsteps, and staying physically close to him whenever placed in an uncertain or potentially dangerous situation. Hati in addition rarely took an order from anyone else without first looking to her master for approval, an example being when she was first sent out to secure the star map from Sabine Wren. Skoll rarely spoke of his past in the Jedi Order, which was a point of curiosity for his young apprentice, who never knew of his true feelings towards it until their arrival on Peridea.[11]

Despite his hesitance to get involved in conflicts with Jedi or their former affiliates, Baylan Skoll harbored great disdain and disgust for his former friend Anakin Skywalker due to his betrayal of the Order and his transformation into Darth Vader which contributed to the destruction of the Jedi Order and many of Skoll's former colleagues being eliminated by Order 66.[2] Even though he displayed a sense of remorse at needing to fight Tano due to her status as one of the galaxy's few surviving Jedi[4] and outright said he was not disappointed to see her again on Peridea,[11] his hate for Skywalker spread into disgust for Tano, whose legacy he claimed would be one of death and destruction like her master.[2]

Powers and abilities[]

"They seem to have abilities like you."
"These days there are few who can wield the Force."
Hera Syndulla and Ahsoka Tano, referring to Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati[1]
Baylon Skoll AhsokaS1

Baylan Skoll wielded an orange-red lightsaber.

As a former Jedi, Baylan Skoll was trained in the ways of the Force and was proficient in lightsaber combat. His approach was with long, two-handed, heavy strikes which combined with his physical strength and stamina allowed him to overwhelm his opponents. He was skilled enough to match Ahsoka Tano in combat and even managed to beat her by using his lightsaber to knock her off a nearby cliff after she compromised her stance by burning her left hand trying to remove the map, which had become very hot from being active for a long time.[2] Skoll proved capable in blaster bolt deflection as shown when he took on New Republic security forces during the rescue of Morgan Elsbeth, easily dispatching the soldiers. His lightsaber style most resembled Form V Shien/Djem So, although it is likely he had trained in multiple styles as is typical for Jedi.

Skoll was skilled in telekinesis and precognition,[4] using the former ability to pick up a soldier with the Force and later hurl a large rock at his opponent both with relative ease. He also showed prowess with Telepathy, being able to effortlessly sense Sabine Wren's thoughts and memories, which allowed him to manipulate her into surrendering.

He was also a capable instructor as many of his skills he also taught to his apprentice, Shin Hati, who was likewise skilled in lightsaber combat and telekinesis.[2]



Skoll wore black robes and armor and wielded an orange-bladed lightsaber.

"But this one… In the last 500 years, I've only known one student who built a saber such as this. Baylan Skoll."
Huyang, to Ahsoka Tano on Baylan Skoll's lightsaber[1]

Baylan Skoll wore black robes and armor.[1] Skoll wielded an orange-red lightsaber[13] which he used to free Morgan Elsbeth[1] and later dueled Tano with.[2] Skoll and his apprentice Hati used an Eta-class shuttle for transport.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"Obviously, there's a story there. We're in a wait-and-see pattern [about the rest of Skoll's story] at this point. But I'm glad the conversation is about Ray and how great he was… I used to have mini debates with him and say, 'Ray, you're the villain here.' And he'd be like, 'I don't think so.' I was like, 'I know you don't think so, but you are. I love that you're playing it like you're not.' Which is exactly the way Baylan thinks. […] I think he would've been over the moon. The big regret here is that he didn't get to experience that. I'm glad he was at Star Wars Celebration with us, that he got to see the trailer and get a taste of that from the fans. And they've been nothing but wonderful about Ray and the character."
―Dave Filoni[14]

Baylan Skoll was played by the late Ray Stevenson.

First appearing in "Part One: Master and Apprentice," the first episode of the Ahsoka television series, Baylan Skoll was portrayed by late actor Ray Stevenson,[1] marking his return to Star Wars since providing the voice of Gar Saxon in Star Wars: The Clone Wars[15] and Star Wars Rebels.[16] He passed away in May 2023, making Ahsoka one of his final projects.[17]

In Skoll's character poster, the Aurebesh of his left gauntlet appears to translate to "trgt" and "dat," similiar to the words target and data.[18] On his right gauntlet in the series, the Aurebesh translates to "Luke," "Leia," "Han," "Chewie," "R2D2, "C3PO," and "Ben." This is best seen when he places the star map on a pedestal in the center of the Seatos reflex point at the beginning of "Part Two: Toil and Trouble."[4] Whether these names indicate a list of targets or are simply easter eggs is unclear.

The character shares his name with Skoll, the wolf that chases the Sun in Norse mythology, while his apprentice, Hati, shares her name with Hati, the wolf who chases the Moon.[19] The wolf motif also ties in with fellow dark side user Marrok, who share his name with a knight from Arthurian legend, who was turned into a werewolf.[20] Dave Filoni intentionally made Skoll and Hati's lightsabers orange-red to show they were not full Sith-like characters.[13] In the wake of Stevenson's passing, Filoni stated they were in a "wait-and-see" period concerning what to do with Skoll. While he lamented that Stevenson was unable to experience the outpouring of fan love for his character, he was happy he had at least been present for the trailer's release.[14]



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