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The race circuit

The Bazaar Star Challenge was a podracing circuit.

Track layout[edit | edit source]

Racers started aboard the Bazaar and then made their way out into space, through a double lane tube, with zero gravity. The track curved round and entered a spiraled tube with three lanes. The tube narrowed to a double-laned tube, before coming to an end. Racers then entered an area of open space, where an atmosphere was retained through the use of magnetic shielding. After passing through this, the racers entered a three-laned tube, with floating debris. It then passed through an area where two beams caused the track to narrow to half its size and an unknown electrical fault caused a surge of electricity to strike each pod that passed through. The tube then re-entered the Bazaar and just outside its entrance, there was a parked freighter, which served as an obstacle that the racers had to avoid. Around the track circuits, there were Ionizing guns, which were set to fire at any racer who used any weapons.

History[edit | edit source]

The Ithorian Herdship Bazaar traveled to the Cularin system in c. 31 BBY and the Star Challenge was held in an around it, while it orbited Cularin. The Challenge was held with multiple heats and the winner of each one would progress through to the next round and so on, until there was a final race to determine the winner. The awards ceremony was held on Cularin, in the village of Tathin. The Metatheran Cartel had sponsored the event and they gave the winner a Jin-Kam Forral-3 podracer and a one year contract as the official sponsor of the Cartel's pod racing team.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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