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"...What the blazes is that?"
"It's our destination, Lando. Our best hope of hurting the Empire as badly as they've hurt us. It's—
―Lando Calrissian and Luke Skywalker[src]

Bazarre was a large space station that served as a popular black market and shadowport during the Imperial Period. Located in the Outer Rim's Cademimu sector by the time of the Galactic Civil War, Bazarre was owned by gunrunner Orion Ferret, who fostered an environment where almost anything could be bought and sold aboard the station, including slaves. In 3 ABY, Ferret attempted to betray and kill Rebel leaders Lando Calrissian and Luke Skywalker over a starfighter deal aboard Bazarre, but his plot was discovered and foiled.


"Security is vital in running an operation like Bazarre, and my guards occasionally get overzealous."
―Orion Ferret[src]

A massive space station with a distinct gold exterior, Bazarre was known as a major market where seemingly anything could be bought and sold, and attracted a high number of visitors from many different species. Trades illegal throughout many parts of the galaxy were permitted on Bazarreslave auctions were conducted openly on the trading floor, and there was at least one spice booth open on the station.[1] However, most business conducted on Bazarre was actually legal, and it was frequented by the galaxy's rich.[2] The station held large Trade Shows that were highly attended by peoples from every corner of the galaxy, including representatives from the reclusive S'kytri, who would sell trinkets and perform dramatic recreations of their Initiation Hunts.[3]

Bazarre was especially renowned for its selection of high-tech explosives, including Ugnaught-made talking bombs.[4] The station's interiors were lavishly appointed, with owner Orion Ferret's apartments being particularly luxurious. Ferret's quarters on Bazarre even had their own prison, consisting of a spritzer unit meant to ensnare foes. Ferret put a heavy emphasis on security, operating a large force of guards that were known to sometimes get violent towards unknown visitors.[1]


"By now, you hairy nuisance, your friends are gone. Nullified! Dead! While you, dear fellow, shall bring me a tidy profit on the auction block! And, I might add, there's not a thing you can do about it!"
―Orion Ferret, after imprisoning Chewbacca aboard Bazarre[src]

The interior of Bazarre.

Centuries old by the era of the Galactic Civil War, the space station known as Bazarre was known for generations as a black market and shadowport of indeterminate origin. Although it had set up for business at several different locations, by the Imperial Period, it had become located in the Outer Rim's Mosu system, on the edge of the Cademimu sector.[2] By that time, Bazarre was owned and operated by a Human named Orion Ferret, a noted gunrunner with an untrustworthy reputation in underworld circles. Ferret controlled Bazarre with the help of a cyborg aide named P'Lor, who monitored incoming messages using a computer implant in his head. At the height of the war, Bazarre visited by Rebel leaders Lando Calrissian and Luke Skywalker, who arrived to finish brokering a deal with Ferret for four TIE fighters.[1]

Ferret planned on swindling Calrissian and Skywalker, killing them while keeping the valuable merchandise for himself, but his plans were discovered by their partner Chewbacca. The furious Wookiee chased Ferret through Bazarre's corridors and captured the man, but Skywalker and Calrissian returned unharmed, cargo in tow, and convinced the Wookiee not to kill Ferret.[1] Bazarre played host to many other sizable deals during this era, including Rodian arms merchant Lernik De'Yago's sale of the cargo hauler and former Rebel medical transport Nova Whisper to an on-station starship dealer.[5]

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Bazarre first appeared in Star Wars 58, written by David Michelinie, illustrated by Walter Simonson and released in 1982.[6] It went on to be the main setting of the following issue of the original Marvel Star Wars comic series.[1]



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