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"I swear, we need a tracker just to track our tracker."
―Yord Fandar, on Bazil[4]

Bazil was a Tynnan tracker who was an ally of the Jedi Order during the High Republic Era. In 132 BBY, he was employed by a team of Jedi on a mission to find the Wookiee Jedi Master Kelnacca in the jungles of the planet Khofar. Led by Master Sol and accompanied by Verosha "Osha" Aniseya, the sister of the Sith assassin Mae-ho "Mae" Aniseya—who was hunting down Kelnacca—the group arrived on Khofar, where Bazil began to follow Kelnacca's scent.

During the journey, Bazil became separated, encountering Mae and alerting the Jedi. Mae's Sith Master—an individual known as the Stranger—then attacked the Jedi, killing all but Sol in the ensuing duel. Bazil avoided the skirmish, later finding the head of Osha's droid, Pip. The Tynnan returned to the Jedi ship, following Sol and Mae—the latter disguised as her sister—on board.


Tracking a Wookiee[]

"How do we find him?"
"We have a tracker."
―Osha and Fandar, on locating Kelnacca[4]

Bazil led members of the Jedi Order into the forests of Khofar in search of Kelnacca

The Tynnan tracker Bazil[1] lived during the High Republic Era[4] and was an ally of the Jedi Order.[2] In 132 BBY,[5] he[1] was employed by a group of Jedi for a mission to[4] the planet[3] Khofar in order to locate the Wookiee Jedi Master Kelnacca, who lived in isolation in its jungles. The team of Jedi, led by Master Sol, wished to reach Kelnacca before the[4] Sith assassin[6] Mae-ho "Mae" Aniseya[7] hunted him down as part of her quest. Bazil accompanied the group of Jedi, as well as Aniseya's sister,[4] Verosha "Osha" Aniseya,[7] aboard a Polan-717 Jedi transport.[4]

As Jedi Knight Yord Fandar briefed the Jedi while in hyperspace, Bazil sniffed at Osha's droid, Pip. The Tynnan roared at the droid, who sprayed a stream of water into his face. As Bazil wiped his fur, Osha apologized before stepping aside to ask Padawan Jecki Lon about him. After arriving at Khofar, the Jedi learned from the locals that Kelnacca had not been seen after venturing into the forest. In order to find the Wookiee, Fandar—who was fluent in Bazil's[4] Tynnan[8] language—provided the tracker with a piece of cloth. After sniffing the fabric, Bazil began to lead the Jedi toward Kelnacca.[4]

Target acquired[]

"Hey, little buddy."
[Bazil roars]
―Mae encounters Bazil[4]

Bazil cried out an alert when he found Mae.

Eventually, Bazil led the others into[4] a grove of trees that served as a breeding ground for an eclipse of umbramoths.[9] Feeling something was rotten about the area, the Tynnan stopped to growl his concerns. Sol urged the group to continue quickly but quietly, though the Jedi were delayed by Osha accidentally disturbing one of the umbramoths, which Sol killed. Bazil shortly became separated from the Jedi, who were unable to find him.[4]

Bazil, his visor down, soon found himself outside Kelnacca's shelter. Mae, who had decided to turn herself in to Kelnacca, tripped while heading for the shelter, landing in front of Bazil. She greeted the Tynnan, who roared, alerting the Jedi that he had found Mae. The assassin fled inside the shelter, while the Jedi and Osha rushed to Bazil's location. However, Mae found that Kelnacca had been killed by her[4] Sith Master,[10] an individual known as the Stranger who soon emerged to attack the Jedi as night fell.[4]

Chaos on Khofar[]

"Bazil! Come on, let's follow him."
―Fandar spots Bazil while escorting Osha to the ship[10]

As the Jedi and the Master dueled, Bazil rushed through the forest. Fandar, who had been ordered by Sol to take Osha back to the ship, spotted the tracker, and the pair began to follow him, briefly stopping when Osha insisted they should return to help. After the pair later paused for a second time, they became separated from Bazil once again and eventually returned to the fight. The Master killed all of the Jedi except for Sol in the skirmish, but was carried away by umbramoths that Osha summoned using Pip's disconnected head as a light.[10]

Later, Bazil found Pip's head shortly after the Master had slain the umbramoths. As the Sith walked away, Bazil picked it up and sniffed the droid's head before rushing off. Bazil returned to the Jedi starship, entering shortly after Sol and Mae, the latter having disguised herself as Osha. Carrying Pip's head, the Tynnan stopped in the hallway to sniff the air before following the two.[10]

Personality and traits[]

While hunting his quarry, Bazil was tenacious,[2] scampering hurriedly as he led the Jedi on Khofar. He possessed brown and white fur[3] as well as brown eyes.[1] Bazil stood at a height of 1.17 meters.[2]

Skills and abilities[]

Bazil was a natural tracker, possessing a hypersensitive nose that could detect targets at a distance.[2] The Tynnan became separated from the Jedi on multiple occasions while on the hunt, and Fandar felt that they needed another tracker just to track him down.[4] Bazil spoke the Tynnan language.[8] He was able to find a target with one whiff of their scent and would not give up, no matter the danger.[11]


As a tracker, Bazil wore a visor and helmet that he could use to provide sensory deprivation and focus on his sense of smell.[1] While accompanying the Jedi on Khofar, Bazil donned a gray civilian robe.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

"We spoke about those kinds of things. We thought about how we could include some of these things that were not only, you know, cute and lovable and adorable, but also showed signs of a bigger sort of character makeup. A character like this is much more engaging."
―Neal Scanlan, on Bazil's design[1]

Bazil first appeared in "Day,"[4] the fourth episode of the Disney+ series The Acolyte, released on June 18, 2024.[12] He was performed by Hassan Taj and designed by Neal Scanlan and his team.[1] Pictured in a poster for the series released on StarWars.com on May 4 of that year,[13] Bazil was later identified in an article published on June 17 of that year.[1] Although the Disney+ Audio Description for both "Day" and "Night" described Bazil as a Jedi,[3][14] he is depicted wearing a civilian robe,[4] and his entry in the StarWars.com Databank establishes he is an ally of the Order.[2]

Bazil's design features elements of beavers and otters in order to match the description of his species, which originated in the 1979 novel Han Solo's Revenge by Brian Daley. The Tynnan's role in the story influenced his design, with a prominent snout to track his quarries and a visor and helmet that provided sensory deprivation in order to focus on his task. Marty Feldman's Igor in the comedy Young Frankenstein, possessing a small stature but a large personality, was another inspiration, leading Bazil's scenes to be shot in a way that gave him an equal presence to those around him.[1]


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