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«Inform the First Order… I've found the droid.»
―Bazine Netal, to the First Order[src]

Bazine Netal was a human female mercenary. She was present in Maz Kanata's castle approximately thirty years after the Battle of Endor. Netal informed the First Order of the presence of BB-8 in Kanata's castle.


Early life

"My bedtime stories were tales of bloody pirate raids. My friends were grizzled murderers who taught me how to punch. My jump rope was a garrote. But it was better than the orphanage."
―Bazine Netal[src]

Netal was born on the planet Chaaktil with a name that she would later keep secret. As a child, she was taken from an orphanage in Chaako City by Delphi Kloda and raised in Kloda's combat school. There she learned a range of deadly martial arts. Kloda nicknamed her "Chaakrabbit."[2]

First assignment

When Netal was fourteen years old, Kloda sent her to steal an item from one of his competitors. She was quickly discovered by her mark, who burned her with a flamethrower. Despite this, Netal was able to kill her attacker and complete her goal, though she was left with burn scars on the left side of her scalp.[2]

Thereafter, Netal became a feared bounty hunter and master of disguise, learning from teachers other than Kloda as well. At some point, she adopted the pseudonym "Bazine Netal." She based her operations on Chaaktil around Suli's cantina.[2]

Mission to Vashka

Bazine Netal EaW

Netal armed with a thermal detonator

Six years after having left Chaako City, Netal received an assignment from an anonymous client. Her assignment was to retrieve a steel case which was in the possession of former Imperial stormtrooper Jor Tribulus. Netal's client warned her that a competitor known as "Narglatch" would also be hunting for the case.[2]

Netal visited Kloda in order to borrow his ship, the Sparrowhawk. Kloda leant her the vessel on the condition that she take Kloda's student, the skilled Pantoran slicer Orri Tenro, along on her mission as a part of his training. Reluctantly, Netal agreed, hoping that Tenro's slicing ability would outweigh the risk he posed to her mission. As they left for the planet Vashka, Tenro proved to be incompetent with anything aside from computers.[2]

On Vashka, Netal and Tenro infiltrated the medcenter where Tribulus was most recently recorded as a patient. There they were able to learn the location of Tribulus's retirement facility. Before disembarking for that site, Netal injected Tenro with a poison which rendered him unconscious.[2]

Netal then discovered that the retirement home had been overtaken by apidactyls. She made her way inside the building by distracting the apidactyls with a thermal detonator. There she met Aric Nightdrifter, a retired stormtrooper who had been living in the building, and he led her to Tribulus's remains.[2]

Netal was taken by surprise when Kloda appeared and revealed that he was Narglatch, and he had raised Netal for the sole purpose of sending her after the case in order to steal it himself. After taking the case from Tribulus's corpse and disarming Netal, Kloda trapped Netal in the grave of apidactyl wax and escaped.[2]

Using the materials Nightdrifter had buried with Tribulus, Netal was able to escape the building. She threw a detonator ahead of Kloda's narglatch, creating a hole in the ground and trapping Kloda. After a brief struggle, Netal killed Kloda and returned to the Sparrowhawk with the case.[2]

First Order spy

Bazine reporting

Netal reported a sighting of BB-8 to the First Order.

During the First Order's conflict with the Resistance, Netal served as one of the Order's spies. When she was at Maz Kanata's castle on Takodana, Netal posed as Grummgar's girlfriend.[source?] As soon as the Millennium Falcon's captain Han Solo arrived with Rey, Finn, and BB-8, she informed the Order of the droid's location.[4]

Personality and traits

Bazine Netal was intelligent and calculating, traits that served her well in her job. She was also elusive, as she was skilled at playing lowly aliens and would not reveal her past to anyone.[2] She was extremely secretive as well.[source?]

Bazine Netal was a human female[2] who stood at 1.7 meters.[1] She had black hair,[2] dark eyes[2] and fair skin.[4]


Netal used Rishi eel ink to conceal her fingerprints. She also kept several small thermal detonators inside the hollow wedges of her boots.[2]

Behind the scenes

Bazine Netal first appeared in the short story "The Perfect Weapon," written by Delilah S. Dawson.[2] She was portrayed by Anna Brewster in Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens.[5]


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