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Just wrong

A group of beach troopers, lounging in their customary aquatic setting.

Beach Troopers were a specialized branch of stormtroopers who wore a variant of the usual stormtrooper armor: a pair of speedos, later replaced by a full bathing suit, and the standard stormtrooper helmet. Armed with blasters, beach troopers were often found lounging in baths and spas, apparently off-duty. If an intruder or enemy were to come upon them, however, they would jump into action and engage the opposition. Among the locales in which they were stationed were aboard the Tantive IV, in one of the escape pods, and aboard the Death Star, near Detention Block AA-23. Bizarrely, they would also often appear during other levels as reinforcements along with their fully clothed counterparts.

Behind the scenesEdit

Beach troopers were created purely for the three games in which they are featured and are intended as a simple joke rather than a canonical class of stormtroopers.



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