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The Bedlam Pulsar was a pulsar in the Mid Rim near the stark whiteness that digested the fabric of hyperspace. Omnipotent, transdimensional beings called Bedlam Spirits lived in it.



The Bedlam Spirits who inhabited a planet in the Bedlam Pulsar.

At one point in 0 ABY Leia Organa Solo landed on a planet located in its vicinity, pursued by Imperial agents. There she found the remains of stormtroopers, inexplicably present from millennia ago. She soon met a Spirit named Tilotny, who claimed to have thrown a shape and created the human. Three more Spirits appeared to her along with four stormtroopers who had been pursuing Leia. Tilotny claimed creation of the stormtroopers as well, playing with them and turning them into diamonds. She also turned Leia's heart into a diamond. After she finished playing with the humans, the Spirit named Splendid Ap resurrected all of them. As he was not very good with time, Splendid Ap accidentally transported the stormtroopers back 8,000 years into the past, explaining the remains Leia had found.

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By placing both the Bedlam Pulsar and the Bedlam system in its list, The Essential Atlas Online Companion indicates the Bedlam Pulsar is not in the Bedlam system.



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