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Beebox was a dwarven male bounty hunter of a species active during the Galactic Civil War.


Meeting on Son-tuulEdit

Beebox met up at a bar on Son-tuul with fellow bounty hunters Bossk and IG-90, who wanted to know where Black Krrsantan was. He explained that Krrsantan was fighting in the pit, confusing to others, especially Bossk, who wondered why an ex-Xonti Brothers gladiator would want to relive those moments. Beebox suggested that he got nostalgic. After Krrsantan stopped fighting, Bossk, Beebox, Krrsantan and IG-90 had a drink in the bar. Dr. Aphra, who had recently worked with Darth Vader, explained to the bounty hunter team that Darth Vader recently killed the Son-tuul Pride leader, and the Sith Lord had taken off the Hutt credits to an Imperial ship, which IG-90 explained everyone knew. However, Dr Aphra told the team that she knew exactly where it was going, and she could make them rich.

Anthan Prime HeistEdit

Beebox Bossk Aphra robbery

Beebox and the others

The bounty hunter group headed to the Anthan system, outside the space of Anthan Prime, on Aphra's personal ship, the Ark Angel. Aphra blew up an "asteroid", and the ship they were keeping the bounty was covered in small asteroids. Aphra sent out an ion torpedo and explained that they will think that the power cut due to the asteroid field. When Beebox and the rest of the crew broke into the ship, they deactivated the shields so Krrsantan, in his ship, could blow up the ship's bridge, and Beetee magnetically pulled as many credits out as he could, although Krrsantan actually used his ship's secret magnetic feature to pull a few credits in for himself.


After the heist on Anthan Prime, Beebox and the others got their payment, but since a lot of the money "floated away" the credits are fewer than expected, so they all made an attempt to attack Aphra, but Aphra explained that she would not take a share.

Hired by Vader and deathEdit

During the Shu-Torun War, Darth Vader, after Dr. Aphra escaped Vader the first time, gave the group of Krrsantan, Beebox, Bossk and IG-90, a dead or alive bounty hunt on Aphra. It was accepted and they began. Later, Triple-Zero told Vader that Beebox has found Aphra, but she was dead. Vader went to see Beebox, who didn't know it was Vader's bounty, and showed Vader a body reduced to dust and half a skull, claiming he had to use the disintegrator. However, Vader, by using the Force, could tell that the body was not Aphra's. Beebox claimed he would not lie to Vader, but the Dark Lord instead told him, "He would. He did." before choking him to death.


Triple-Zero, Aphra's murderous droid remarked on his smell as he burned to dust in the lava lakes of Shu-Torun.


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