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"Shuttle pilot named Beelyath. He flies rescue missions picking EV pilots. I've seen him do some pretty good tricks with his shuttle and fly into enemy fire to pick up pilots. And he's Mon Cal. I know he has starfighter experience, which makes me suspect he has B-wing experience."
―Jagged Fel, on Beelyath[src]

Beelyath was a Mon Calamari pilot during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Originally a shuttle pilot, he was brought into Twin Suns Squadron to pilot the B-wing that served as mobile command base for Sharr Latt to control the Goddess missile on the recommendation of Jagged Fel. Said missile was used to lure several Yuuzhan Vong pilots to their death, including formation leader Charat Kraal. He was selected over Zekk. Shortly before his tenure in Twin Suns Squadron at the Battle of Borleias, Beelyath helped rescue civilians that had been launched into space by the Yuuzhan Vong before they suffocated or burned up in Borleias' atmosphere.

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