This article is about a Star Wars Insider article. You may be looking for the interactive CD-ROM Star Wars: Behind the Magic.

Behind the Magic was a recurring article article in Star Wars Insider, written by ILM's Rob Coleman.

Watto - Star Wars Insider 58[edit | edit source]

An in-depth look at how ILM brought the character of Watto to life.

Battle Droid - Star Wars Insider 60[edit | edit source]

An in-depth look at the production of the B1 battle droid.

Crouching Yoda, Hidden Dooku - Star Wars Insider 61'[edit | edit source]

An in-depth look at how ILM brought the duel between Count Dooku and Yoda to life.

Dexter's Diner - Star Wars Insider 63[edit | edit source]

It provides a look at the development of Dex's Diner as seen in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, along with other information about the shady restaurant. The article reveals the names of some of the diner patrons:

Kaminoan to my House - Star Wars Insider 66[edit | edit source]

Rob Coleman discusses the background work on the Kaminoans.

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