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Beilert Valance, designated Cadet 404-913, was a human male who served alongside Han Solo as a cadet for the Galactic Empire at Carida Academy, the Imperial Naval Academy on the planet Carida. He eventually became a bounty hunter and was hired to hunt Darth Vader.


Early lifeEdit

"The Valance family has dug, scratched, and clawed through these hills for centuries. But you? You're different. You were born free. You belong in the stars, Beilert."
―Valance's father[src]
Beilert Before

Valance as a child

Beilert Valance was born into a mining family which had dug the hills of their homeworld for centuries as slaves until the Galactic Empire liberated them. As a child, Valance spoke with his father about his heritage, asking if he would follow in his father's and grandfather's footsteps as a miner. His father informed him that, because of the Empire's efforts, their people were no longer slaves, and Valance was free to venture into the stars.[6]

Imperial cadetEdit

Meeting Han SoloEdit

"The Empire is good. And pure. Scrumrats don't belong in the Navy, Solo."
―Beilert Valance, to Han Solo[src]
Cadet 404-913

Valance in Swamp trooper gear

Valance eventually became a cadet for the Empire at Carida Academy, the Imperial Naval Academy on the planet Carida[1] in the star system of the same name.[7] At the Imperial Academy, the Imperial cadets were referred to by their assigned operating numbers instead of their real names, with Valance being known by the digits "404-913." While he was able to seemingly win the love of the Empire, due to his belief in beating others into submission to show he was the best, one of Valance's fellow cadets, Kanina Nico, particularly hated him, even more than she hated everyone else.[1]

Valance came to have a dislike for fellow cadet Han Solo, as he believed Solo was holding him back and viewed him to merely be a Corellian scrumrat. At one point during training, Solo spoke out of turn to their training officer Lieutenant Triosa Broog. She responded by ordering the cadets to run up a mountain in full swamp trooper gear. In response to this several cadets attacked Solo. Afterwards, Valance insulted Solo, claiming scrumrats like him didn't belong in the navy, but before he could cause any serious physical harm, cadet Nico cut in and told him to let the other cadet go.[1]

Causing troubleEdit

"As you can see on the leaderboard…you're still right where you belong."
―Valance taunts Han Solo[src]
Han fights cadet

Han Solo hits Valance with a tray

While Solo was detained temporarily for trying to escape Carida in a TIE fighter, Valance climbed to the top of the cadet leader board, competing heavily with Nico. When Solo returned to see the leader board, he confronted him again. Solo tried to fight him, but was knocked to the ground by Valance. Solo then kicked him in the groin and hit him around the face with a tray. An officer arrived and questioned the incident, but Solo and Valance dismissed it as a misunderstanding to avoid punishment. Valance briefly threatened Solo after, before they both parted ways.[8]

Later, Valance was partnered with Lyttan Dree for another training session. In TIE fighters, they were tasked with working together against the other pairs to obliterate their target. During the session, Lyttan's brother, Tamu Dree, flew in a collision course. Lyttan abandoned Valance and their mission for his brother, but it was Solo which saved him in the end. After, the cadets were put in a cell for not completing their task.[8] Their punishment was making soup for the other cadets. When Solo became covered in live roots, Valance refused to let the Dree brothers help him.[9]

Carida Squadron

Valance and the other cadets

One day, the cadets under punishment were approached by training officer Yurib Nakan, who reported that their work duties were already fulfilled for the day, supposedly thanks to Valance. He had Valance returned to flight training and other four flying the Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier which carried the rest of the cadets flying in TIE fighters. As a part of their training session, the cadets in TIEs had to fly across open space to rendezvous with a destroyer while Solo, Nico and the Dree brothers flew the carrier. Following the exercise, Valance was with the four cadets after they returned with the carrier. They had all been reinstated to full-flight status following their success in returning on time. Nakan entered the room after the news came to light and told Valance and the others that they would be combating real enemies.[9]

Shot downEdit

"I can't believe the Empire sent you to rescue me."
"The Empire didn't send us, Valance. We came on our own."
―Valance and Solo[src]

Valance's TIE fighter is shot down by Qhuloskian fighters.

Valance and the rest of the squad were assigned to Qhulosk. Before the Battle of Howlan, he argued with Nakan about Solo's fitness to fly into battle. Once the attack began, Valance took the lead. Solo strafed some cannons, but was pursued by three Qhuloskian fighters. Valance dropped in behind them, destroying them and saving Solo. He then took the point and led an attack on the shield generators that were protecting the Qhuloskian army. After a successful attack, Valance's TIE fighter was hit by enemy fire and heavily damaged. A pair of Qhuloskian fighters got behind him but Solo convinced Valance to turn off his engines so he would drop out of the line of fire and give Solo a clear shot at them. He restarted his engines, but was unable to maneuver his fighter. Before Solo could assist him, his fighter was hit by more enemy fire and he crash-landed, unable to eject.[4]

Valance got out of his crashed starfighter and set up a defensive perimeter. When Solo and the rest of the squad approached him, he fired on them thinking they were enemies. Tamu applied first aid to his wounds. Valance expressed disbelief that the Empire would send his squadmates to rescue him and Solo informed him they did it on their own. While Valance couldn't believe it, Solo told him that Valance was like all soldiers, expendable. Solo got Valance on the back of his speeder bike, and Valance begrudgingly thanked him for the rescue.[3]

On their way back to base, they ran into a large group of Qhuloskian soldiers. Valance fired upon them, but the squad was quickly surrounded. They were saved by a group of Ghular slaves. After learning Nico's planet was next to be conquered by the Empire, Solo concocted a plan to make it look like she died in combat. Valance agreed to go along with the falsehood but warned her she'd be wanted by the Empire. When Valance got back to base and was sent to medical bay, he learned the Empire wouldn't replace his eye or leg and he would lose his flight privileges. He was upset, but Tamu guessed he would pay for them himself and re-enlist as a soldier so he could continue to serve.[3]

Bounty hunterEdit

The new jobEdit

While he managed to become an Imperial officer,[5] Valance was eventually out of the Empire and became a bounty hunter. In his new career, he notably developed a grudge against the famous Dengar over some incident the latter referred to as "the Ralen job."[2] In what Valance called "the hangar job," he teamed with the Besalisk Fetya. However, Valance was shot down and held captive during the job, and Fetya escaped empty handed.[6] Moreover, Valance made a habit of stealing bounties, which put him at odds with the Bounty Hunters' Guild. At one point, he lured a number of colleagues who had a score to settle with him to BG-RT's Tavern on Coruscant. Xonr, of whom Valance had stolen five bounties from, confronted him first. Valance revealed his plan to the bounty hunter and incinerated him. As the other bounty hunters Valance had lured confronted him he killed them all in the middle of the crowd, further flouting the Bounty Hunter's Code.[2]

Valance group

Gwi introduces Valance to his new team of bounty hunters

While returning to his ship, the Broken Wing, Valance was approached by the Tarsunt Gwi, representing The Hidden Hand. As the Tarsunt tried to talk him into joining a team of rule breakers assembled by the Hand, Valance initially refused, since he would only work alone. However, he was quick to change his mind when he heard the target was none other than Darth Vader, the Galactic Emperor's right-hand man. The former Imperial met with the rest of the team: the tracker Honnah, the sniper Urrr'k, the slicer Chio Fain, the killer droid R9-19, and Dengar. Valance's very first reflex after punching Dengar was to incinerate R9-19, not just out of dislike for droids, but because he suspected him of being a mole. As it turned out, the loose cannon was right, since a snitch for the Hutt Clan was found inside the droid's remains.[2]

Chaos on ArvinaEdit

Aboard the Broken Wing, Valance took his new team to Arvina. Piloting his ship, he destroyed an Imperial patrol. Although Dengar disliked this, Fain assured him Valance was jamming transmissions so the Imperials could not call for help. Landing on the surface of Arvina, Valance had Urrr'k stay to guard the bounty hunters from afar with her sniper rifle as they entered Fetya's Hollow, in search of Valance's former accomplice Fetya. As Valance led the others into a weapons shop, Fetya confronted them and hugged Valance. He asked for sonic cannons, saying it was on The Hidden Hand. Fetya then explained how she had been selling weapons to the syndicate and told Valance of one of it's contacts who wore a starbird, the symbol of the Rebel Alliance.[6]

As Valance called her out for working with "the good guys," Fetya told him there were no good guys and the bounty hunters found themselves surrounded by her armed assets. She and Valance exchanged threats until they were both interrupted by cannon fire from an Imperial-class Star Destroyer which was raining down on the whole of Fetya's Hollow. Firing on Fetya's men, the bounty hunters fled the weapons shop and Valance revealed that he had actually amplified the signal of the patrol he had destroyed to lure Darth Vader. Fetya and her men pursued the bounty hunters as they boarded a re-purposed Imperial troop transport. Urrr'k, however, fired on them, covering Valance and the other bounty hunters as they fled the destruction that was Fetya's Hollow.[6]

Personality and traitsEdit


Valance defends himself.

Beilert Valance believed he could prove he was the best by beating others into submission, as demonstrated by his fight with Solo, which made him well suited for service in the Imperial Military. He held a distaste for Solo for his past.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

In Canon, Valance first appeared in the comic book Han Solo - Imperial Cadet 1, which was written by Robbie Thompson, illustrated by Leonard Kirk, and published in 2018.[1] He was later identified as Valance in the third issue[9] and further identified as Beilert in the fourth.[4]

The character of Beilert Valance originated in the Star Wars Legends continuity, first appearing Star Wars 16: The Hunter—a 1978 comic book written by Archie Goodwin.[10] The name "Beilert" was established in Jason Fry's The Hunt Within: Valance's Tale.[11]


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