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"Lieutenant Bek here."
"Bek! Oh ho, you're alive!"
"I should hope so. Great job recruits! Thanks to your heroism the location of the Resistance base is secure. Bravo!"
―Bek, to Finn and the Resistance recruits[2]

Bek was a Mon Calamari from the planet Mon Cala who served alongside Nien Nunb as a pilot for the Alliance to Restore the Republic. By 34 ABY, he was serving as a Communications Officer for the Resistance, and during that year, he relocated to the Resistance's base on the Outer Rim planet Batuu. There, he helped prepare for the arrival of new recruits to the cause, joining Resistance Command and working with Logistics to prepare for an eventual evacuation while serving under Colonel Devik. He was reassigned to the Intersystem Transport Ship Cargo vessel TR141 alongside his friend Nunb when Command fell into need of qualified flight officers.

As a lieutenant in the Resistance navy, Bek helped brief a group of Resistance recruits after an evacuation of the base was ordered upon the approach of the Finalizer, flagship of First Order Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. With the recruits loaded aboard his transport, the Mon Calamari co-piloted them into space above Batuu before being ambushed by First Order TIE fighters. His ship was captured by the Finalizer using a tractor beam, and Bek and all the recruits were taken prisoner by the First Order.

From an undisclosed location aboard the Star Destroyer, Bek helped orchestrate a prisoner escape, guiding a pair of R5 series astromech droids as they drove two First Order Fleet Transports through the ship, narrowly dodging a probe droid before being recognized by stormtroopers as they neared the turbolifts that would take them to the escape pods. With their plan ruined, Bek redirected the droids and led them through several dangerous encounters before finally escaping back to the surface of Batuu, where he crash landed within Savi & Son Salvage's junkyard.


Always a rebel[]

"Lieutenant Bek, one of our top commanders, will lead you."
"Affirmative. Transport is ready. Nien Nunb and I shall personally see them delivered."
―Rey and Bek brief a group of Resistance recruits[2]

Bek worked with his longtime friend Nien Nunb in both the Rebel Alliance and the Resistance.

Bek was a Mon Calamari[2] from[1] the Outer Rim planet[3] Mon Cala who served as a pilot during the last years of the Rebellion, at some point befriending fellow[1] Rebel Alliance Navy pilot[3] Nien Nunb.[1] In 34 ABY,[4] during the First Order-Resistance War, Bek, by then a sympathizer, lieutenant, and Communications Officer for the Resistance, relocated to the force's base[1] in the Black Spire Ruins on the Outer Rim planet Batuu[3] where[1] he[2] was instrumental in bringing the small operation together and making preparations for the arrival of more new recruits. As the number of recruits increased, Bek took on a role in Resistance Command coordinating recruit processing and working with Logistics on pack out in preparation for the base's eventual evacuation, serving as commanding officer Colonel Devik's righthand.[1]

As missions mounted up, however, Command found itself shorthanded when it came to qualified transport flight officers. With his previous experience as a rebel pilot, Bek received an order assigning him to an Intersystem Transport Ship in the Resistance navy, with the more junior Lieutenant Nasheer replacing him as Communications Officer. In his new position, Bek was paired with his longtime friend Nunb.[1]

Evacuating the base[]

First Order officer: "Cargo vessel TR141, identify yourselves and prepare to be boarded."
Bek: "This is TR141. We are a civilian vessel. By whose authority are we being detained?"
Armitage Hux: "By the authority of the First Order, Resistance scum. Now bring down your shields and prepare to be boarded."
―Bek attempts to trick Hux and a First Order officer[2]

Bek, Nunb, and the recruits are attacked by First Order TIE fighters.

After the arrival of the First Order and its Supreme Leader, Kylo Ren, on Batuu[2] less than a month after Bek's arrival,[1] Resistance operative Finn, along with a covert team, infiltrated[2] Ren's flagship,[5] the Finalizer, and informed the Resistance that the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer was headed their way. With the evacuation of the Batuu base to a base on[2] the Mid Rim planet[6] Pacara ordered, Jedi Rey, along with Bek, Nunb, and Resistance pilot Poe Dameron, briefed recruits on the evacuation plans. The recruits then loaded onto an Intersystem Transport Ship piloted by Bek and Nunb under the designation Cargo vessel TR141 and left the outpost for space, passing through Batuu's atmosphere and into the ring of asteroids surrounding the planet before being attacked by TIE/fo space superiority fighters. Bek ordered the shields be raised just as the starfighters fired upon their X-wing escort, but he soon discovered the origin of the TIE fighters: a pair of Star Destroyers.[2]

The Finalizer, one of the two Star Destroyers above Batuu, captured Bek's transport in a tractor beam, leading Dameron to escape the battle to bring back reinforcements. The vessel was then contacted by a First Order officer, whom Bek unsuccessfuly attempted to deceive into believing they were a civilian cargo vessel. After being demanded by the First Order's General Armitage Hux to lower their shields, and after the lieutenant reminded the recruits to keep the location of the Pacara base secret, Bek's transport was pulled into the Finalizer's hangar, and all Resistance personnel were commanded by a member of the First Order to exit the transport and prepare for interrogation. During the interrogation, Bek and Nunb were separated from the recruits, who were interrogated by Ren and Hux before the latter received a call for the two to return to the ship's bridge.[2]

Prison break[]

"Your cover is blown. Find an alternate route. Who picked these two droids anyway?"
―Bek attempts to lead the R5 units to the escape pods[2]

Bek and the recruits are captured by the First Order.

With the recruits unattended, members of Finn's covert team cut through the walls of the interrogation room and freed the prisoners, loading them into two First Order Fleet Transports piloted by two R5 series astromech droids. Finn informed the recruits that the two droids would be taking them to the ship's escape pods. Bek, transmitting from an undisclosed location aboard the ship, began guiding the recruits through the Finalizer, helping them deceive another pair of R5 units into believing their breakout was a prisoner transfer. He then assisted in their evasion of a probe droid and led them to the turbolifts that would take them to the escape pods. However, the recruits were recognized by two stormtroopers and attacked. With their path to the turbolifts blocked, Bek commanded the R5 units to find an alternate route. With Bek's help, the droids navigated their way around First Order All Terrain Armored Transports, the ship's bridge, and turbolasers, being chased by Ren for most of their escape, only narrowly avoiding capture after a TIE fighter crashed through the hull behind the Supreme Leader.[2]


Bek survives a crash landing on Batuu.

Having reached their destination, the prisoners entered the escape pods and jettisoned themselves back toward Batuu, crashing into the junkyard[2] of Savi & Son Salvage.[1] Finn made contact with the recruits and inquired worriedly about Bek's whereabouts, and much to his pleasure, the lieutenant was discovered in his own escape pod elsewhere in the junkyard. Bek then congratulated the recruits and the R5 units and thanked them for keeping the location of the Pacara base from the First Order.[2]

Personality and traits[]

"I have a bad feeling about this."
―Bek, upon being captured[2]

A Mon Calamari with gray skin and yellow eyes,[2] Bek was a well-respected and disciplined officer who was as comfortable commanding a ship as he was in a military outpost. He was the epitome of grace under pressure,[1] though he had a bad feeling upon being captured by the First Order and showed frustration with the R5 units when their cover was blown during their escape. After their escape proved successful, he thanked the recruits for their efforts, though he was prompted to include the R5 units with which he had previously shown frustration.[2]

Skills and abilities[]

Bek was a capable pilot.[1]


While assisting in the evacuation of the Batuu base, Bek wore a tan shirt and brown pants with a thick, brown belt, brown boots, and a Resistance lieutenant's rank badge. He co-piloted an Intersystem Transport Ship.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

"Yeah, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge really let us develop a kind of next generation Audio-Animatronics technology. The land represents the first implementation of the A-1000, which is really the next series in humanoid figures."
Brian Orr, principal show mechanical engineer for Rise of the Resistance[7]

Bek was created as an Audio-Animatronic character for the theme park attraction Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, which first opened in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in Disney's Hollywood Studios in 2019. The character featured the latest in Walt Disney Imagineering's Audio-Animatronics technology,[8] referred to by Imagineering as the A-1000.[7] Voice acting for the character was performed by James Arnold Taylor.[9]


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