"I do not understand this place. It both revolts and… entices me at the same time."
―"Beknit," speaking of Borgo Prime.[src]

Beknit was a pseudonym used by Tenel Ka Djo when she accompanied Luke Skywalker to Borgo Prime, to discover who kidnapped Lowbacca, the Solo twins, and M-TD.

Since the kidnappers used industrial-grade Corusca gems in their attack on Lando Calrissian's GemDiver Station, and because GemDiver Station was also the only source of Corusca gems at the time, Calrissian and Skywalker believed that questioning Calrissian's Corusca gem broker would lead them to the kidnapper. According to their story, Iltar and his well-schooled ward-cousin Beknit were less-than-savory Randoni traders whose business was in archaelogical treasures. While at a secret dig on the planet Ossus, they discovered a treasured vault from the time of the Galactic Republic that was heavily armored and set so deep into rock that lasers and blasters couldn't penetrate it.

Iltar and Beknit were fearful of using explosives to breach the vault, for that could destroy the treasure that they were set on getting. The only other alternative was to use an industrial-grade Corusca gem to drill into the vault and keep its contents intact. For that reason, the two traders visited Borgo Prime. Once there, the traders landed their blockade runner Off Chance at Docking Bay 94. Iltar and Beknit made their way to Shanko's Hive, seeking an information broker. Iltar asked the questions and when necessary, Beknit distributed bribes in the form of Corusca gems. They eventually made contact with Calrissian's broker and informed him of their predicament.

Iltar and Beknit struck a deal to buy one industrial-grade Corusca gem from the broker. The two traders then inquired as to who else had bought industrial-grade Corusca gems from him. The broker was initially reticent to share any information about his clients, but Iltar informed him that he and his ward-cousin needed to know of anybody who could be capable of stealing the treasure that they had found. After hearing this, and some financial encouragement, the broker relented and told the two traders that a woman who had called herself a "Nightsister" had bought up his entire last shipment of industrial-grade Corusca gems. Informed of this, Iltar expressed his concern that she may have already stolen the treasure that he and Beknit had discovered.


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