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Bela Vistal was a small, Imperial-controlled mountain city nestled in the southeast mountains of Corellia.


Bela Vistal was a mid-sized town located two hundred kilometers from Coronet City.[4] The city was an important trading outpost. Nestled in a serene mountain valley, it was considered by many to be an ideal tourist destination for those on a modest budget. Its isolation and tall mountains made it a favorite among hikers and climbers, as well as adventurers who yearned for a beautiful view and fresh air. However, the city could be dangerous for inadvertent travelers.[5]

One of the most well-known attractions in Bela Vistal was the Crystal Fountain, a geyser which was transported from the Agrilat Swamp to the center of the town.[2]


"Was a riot in Selonian enclave of Bela Vistal city that started crisis, and was Selonians who riot after intolerable and forever provocation from the Human League but I not think was we who started it."

As the Galactic Civil War escalated after the Battle of Yavin, the city eventually became an Imperial stronghold.[3]

During the Corellian Crisis in 18 ABY, violent clashes between Humans and Selonians took place in the city.[4]


The following individuals were residents or visitors of the city in the time after the Battle of Yavin: Dalya, Ging Darjeek, Grondorn Muse, Luthin Dlunar, Palejo Reshad and Pashna Starkiller.[1]

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