Belai Kaleeg was a male Duros corporate official.

Biography[edit | edit source]

When a trade disagreement broke out between the planets Iridonia and Duro, the Zabrak and Duros homeworlds, Kaleeg was contacted by the female Zabrak Koon Odan, who said that the Iridonian government would like to negotiate a secret treaty to end the disagreement. Kaleeg traveled to Cloud City, on the planet Bespin, to sign the treaty. Following his arrival there, he met with a group of agents, who were going to act as go-betweens between himself and Odan. He explained to them the situation and then offered to purchase dinner for them at the Twin Star restaurant. The agents agreed and dined with Kaleeg at the restaurant, but were interrupted when a Zabrak assassin attempted to kill Kaleeg. He was hit in the arm by laser fire and then slid out of his chair and fell to the floor.

Although he was injured, Kaleeg soon began to recover. The next day, the agents escorted him to meet with Odan, to sign the treaty. Kaleeg was suspicious of Odan following the previous days' events, so he requested that the agents search both him and Odan for weapons. Odan then presented Kaleeg with a credit chip and a datapad that displayed the terms of the agreement. However, when Kaleeg attempted to agree to the terms, the datapad's screen went blank. Confused, Kaleeg handed the datapad to the agents, for them to inspect it. All of the datapads' documents had been locked or deleted, while the attached credit chip reported that it no longer had a balance, and that all of the assets stored on it had been transferred to the Iridonians. Not knowing the cause of the problem, Odan believed that she was being set up, she leaped out of the window and ran away. Kaleeg also believed that he was being double-crossed and shouted at the agents to bring Odan back.

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