"Please forgive the abruptness with which I first greeted you. It was harsh and perhaps unfair."

Belaya was a Human Jedi Knight on Dantooine during the Jedi Civil War, who was furthering her training under the renowned Master Zhar Lestin. She was close friends with the then-Padawan Juhani during her training there as well.


When the amnesiac Revan escaped from Taris and returned to the Jedi Enclave, Belaya felt the strength of the Force within him and stopped him on his way to talk to the Council. She berated him for not wearing proper robes, under the assumption he was actually a Padawan. After explaining himself, Belaya apologized, and she later offered insight for Revan on the Jedi Code when he began his training again. Despite her relationship with Juhani, or rather because of it, the Council believed that if Belaya attempted to bring her distraught companion back it would cause more harm than good. She could not speak of it to Revan, who had been given the task of "cleansing the tainted grove" as part of his last test to become a Padawan. Belaya's patience was rewarded when Revan succeeded in his task and managed to convince Juhani to turn away from the dark side and return to the Enclave. She expressed her deep felt gratitude.

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In the Slavic tongues, "belaya" (e.g. Russian: белая/belaja, Polish: biała, etc.) is the feminine adjective used for the colour "white".

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Belaya the Sith.

"I am Belaya, once of the Jedi but now of the Sith… it was your murder of Juhani that placed this bitter blackness in my heart!"

When Belaya discovered that Juhani was slain by the aspiring new Padawan Revan, she became aggrieved and enraged. She lashed out at Revan upon his return, saying that Juhani had deserved a better chance from him, and from the Council who had sent him so ill-prepared. Regardless of Revan's intentions she could not be consoled, and she left the Jedi Order, ending up on Korriban and joining the Sith Academy there. On Revan's quest to find the Star Map there, Belaya once again confronted him on Korriban, this time outside the Sith Academy where nobody would stop her. She angrily questioned his presence there, then swearing vengeance for Juhani, she attacked Revan but was killed by the former Sith Lord.



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