Belazura was a Galactic Republic member world, and one of the most visually stunning planets in the galaxy. Belazura was directly represented in the Galactic Senate.

Belazura was a wealthy world renowned for its beautiful mountains and grasslands, and a popular resort. Its grassy fields ranged in color from light sunny yellows to deep greens, dotted with flowers of deep-colored hues. Its brilliant blue skies seemed to visitors to surround them like halos of light. Belazura's astonishingly temperate climate was never too hot or cold, frequented by soft, gentle breezes.[5]

Belazura was a popular galactic tourist attraction, even for those luxury-travelers wishing to opt for a holographic simulation experience—a sim-vacation, or sim-voyage.[6]

The planet's surgeons specialized in making people look younger.

At some point before 25 BBY, Obi-Wan Kenobi took his Padawan Anakin Skywalker to Belazura, strictly for pleasure—for he wanted him to understand that even the life of a Jedi must include time to simply reflect on the beauties of natural life and existence. Anakin's mandate was simply to enjoy himself, and he did. They both did. Their time on the planet had been a supremely peaceful time for Skywalker, one that he revisited often in his daydreams.[5]

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