Beldonna's League, also known as Beldonna's Legion, were a group of mercenaries that had formed under the leadership of Liiria Beldonna, to whom they were fiercely loyal.

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They drew most of their assignments from the Galactic Empire, however the group was generally complacent and willing to let criminal activities go unchecked in exchange for bribes. At times the unit worked as peacekeepers, while in other instances as aggressors, depending solely on what they were hired to do. They could be found on Corellia and Talus around 1 ABY.[1] By roughly 3 ABY the Legion was 56 strong. Several members were accomplished pilots and the group had access to six BTL Y-wing starfighters. Members wore black, form-fitting uniforms with silver braiding along the shoulders, leg seams, and collar. Each mercenary armed themselves differently according to their personality, but most wielded blasters and vibroweapons. They were typically rude, obnoxious, and arrogant, often fighting to earn their living. They were eventually hired by Imperial Consul-General Gilad Halsek to augment the defense of the planet Kothlis.[2] They had not been called to action for years, and as a result, they were lazy, inactive and uninspired. An Imperial compound on Kothlis served as the group's base of operations at that time.[3]

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