Belezaboth Ourn was a Paqwe male, who worked as a diplomat.


Bearing the title Extraordinary Consul of the Paqwepori, Ourn was the head of the Paqwe diplomatic mission to the New Republic. During Nil Spaar's diversionary talks with the New Republic, Ourn was recruited to spy for the Yevethan Viceroy. In exchange for relaying information to Nil Spaar on the Fifth Battle Group's movements and allowing Mother's Valkyrie to take damage during Aramadia's retreat from Coruscant, Nil Spaar promised Ourn an Aramadia-class thrustship. After Han Solo was captured as a result of Ourn's activities, Ilar Paqwe uncovered Ourn's spying, the entire crew of Mother's Valkyrie was reprimanded and demoted. Ourn himself had his title revoked. Unable to return to his homeworld disgraced, he turned himself in to New Republic authorities, informed them of his spying and provided them with the black box communications device he used to communicate with the Viceroy. After he explained his actions he was attacked and knocked unconscious by Chief of State Leia Organa Solo.



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