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"The uniform isss real—on Belnar, even Khil Jedi are called to serve."

Belnar was a swampy world in the Colonies that was the homeworld of the Khil species. Belnar's marshy terrain was ideal for the Khil, who fed off the abundant bacteria in the air and purpose-built their cities to include large swaths of green space. Belnar was an early member of the Galactic Republic, and the openness of Khil society allowed not only for offworlders to be welcome on Belnar, but for the Khil to spread out and colonize many other worlds throughout the galaxy. Belnar's democratic tradition led many Khil to regard the Galactic Empire as evil and oppressive after it supplanted the Republic in 19 BBY, leading the Empire to suspect the Khil of treason—the planet swiftly joined the New Republic after the Empire's defeat in the Galactic Civil War.


Located in the Belnar sector of the Colonies, and in the system of the same name,[2] Belnar was best known as the homeworld of the Khil species, a humanoid sentient race that spread from Belnar to establish a number of colonies across the galaxy. Belnar's marshy, swampy terrain, filled with bacteria and moisture vapor, was ideal for the Khil, who extracted their nourishment from organic debris in the air. To this end, Khil cities on Belnar featured marshy parks in between buildings, serving as conveniently located feeding areas that were also appreciated for their aesthetics. In addition, each individual dwelling also had its own pond or swamp, while the architecture and technology of the world was heavily influenced by Republic sensibilities.[4] The Khil welcomed outsiders, and by 3963 BBY about 2% of Belnar's population was made up of non-Khil. The planet had no moons, and had a day lasting 23 standard hours and a year lasting 347 local days.[1]


Belnar was in the Galactic Republic from its earliest years, the Khil having been one of the first species to become members of the galactic government. Many Khil went on to leave Belnar and establish colonies in various different regions of the galaxy, some thousands of light years away.[4] Belnar developed a number of large cities by the time of the Mandalorian Wars, with the center of the planet's colonial democracy resting at the planet's capital of Belnar City. The planet remained largely untouched outside of those cities, however, with large natural swamps covering tens of thousands of square miles in area, which attracted considerable attention from offworld xenobiologists.[1] During the time of the Galactic War several centuries later, Belnar's Senator] disappeared along with a sacred Khil artifact. An offworld agent came to Belnar to investigate, and not only located the lost Senator but duped him into confessing that he had the artifact, earning the gratitude of the locals.[6] Belnar's government was supplanted by the rule of an Imperial Governor after the Republic was supplanted by the Empire in 19 BBY, but the Khil still looked to their old leaders for guidance, and the Empire eventually came to regard the Khil—who saw the Empire as oppressive and evil—as treasonous.[4] The Khil, and Belnar, eventually became among the first to join the New Republic after the fall of the Empire,[5] just as they were for the original Republic.[4]


The primary inhabitants of Belnar were the Khil, who made their home amongst the swamps and wetlands that provided them with sustenance. A strong-willed but friendly, polite[4] and cautious[7] people, the Khil easily assimilated neighbors into their societies, and many different species could be found on Belnar and other Khil worlds.[4] On Belnar, every single Khil was called to serve in the planet's armed forces at some point in their life, even Jedi.[8] The Khil, whose native tongue was the melodious Khilese,[5] were never a species wary of leaving home,[4] and a number of Belnar natives managed to make their names offworld. During the time of the Mandalorian Wars, the Khil Jedi Xamar became a renowned Jedi Master after a time serving in Belnar's military, eventually becoming a member of the secretive Jedi cabal known as the Jedi Covenant.[8] Later, in the era of the New Republic, Belnar native Greldo Farnor became a highly wanted fugitive after embarking on a violent one-man crusade against the Galactic Empire in retribution for their destruction of his adoptive home of Alderaan.[9]

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The planet Belnar was first mentioned in Wanted by Cracken, a West End Games roleplaying supplement written by Louis J. Prosperi and released in 1993.[9] Although it never directly appeared in a Star Wars Legends source, Belnar went on to be mentioned in several other sources, including The Essential Atlas,[3] Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide[1] and Knights of the Old Republic 31: Turnabout.[8]



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