Belt-Runner I—also called BR 1 or BR One—was originally constructed as an asteroid-mining base. When Lando Calrissian purchased the space station, he had grand dreams for refurbishing it as the main centerpiece of a specialized obstacle course. The obstacle course was called The Belt and participating in this course was called "running the belt". The station's paltry shields were upgraded so that it could protect pilots should they crash into an asteroid. Through the use of powerful ion generators and modified tractor transmitters the station could project repulsor shielding to fighters several thousand kilometers away, perfecting albeit on a small scale a technology that both the Imperial and New Republic militaries had failed to complete. Belt-Runner I was in orbit over Dubrillion when Yuuzhan Vong forces attacked the planet. When the base came under fire, it was forced to strip its fighters of their powerful shielding, leaving them vulnerable to, among other things, coralskipper fire. As it took on more damage, flames began to erupt from the station, heralding its end.



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