Wicket belt

Wicket Wystri Warrick receives his belt of honor from Chief Chirpa

The Belt of Honor was a belt special to the Ewoks. Young Ewoks on the path to become a warrior received an empty belt on which they would place symbols of their path to becoming a warrior. These symbols could be anything ranging from a piece of a defeated enemy, like the scales of a glop monster, or a specially bequeathed object such as the Silver Feather of Bravery. Ewok warriors were required to fill up their Belt of Honor before entering the Warrior's Circle, a special ceremony wherein the Chief of the tribe would declare them full-fledged warriors. Wicket Wystri Warrick once lost his belt to the Wizards of the Night Spirit after his friend Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka used it to tie their leader's hands to keep him from dragging Wicket to his death. Wicket was soon given a new one, but he was forced to restart filling it up.

Symbols that appeared on Wicket Wystri Warrick's Belt(s) of HonorEdit

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