Beluine was a very expensive and talented Coruscant-trained physician.


Beluine was Boba Fett's private doctor, being among only a handful of people among the galaxy who had ever seen Fett without his helmet. Fett made an appointment with him in 40 ABY on Kamino to determine the cause of his illness. Beluine determined that the infamous bounty hunter was suffering from clone tissue degeneration, recurring tumors and poor liver function. Beluine estimated that Fett only had a year or two to live. Needless to say, Fett sought a second opinion. Fett was later cured with a shot that slowed clone aging. Later, after Boba discovered his ex-wife, Sintas Vel, frozen in carbonite, Fett got Beluine to come to Mandalore to treat her and set him up in the Oyu'baat tapcaf, though he didn't entirely trust his medical skills.



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