"You don't mean dirt to my buddies... but you saved my life!... so I'm warning you... get outta here... fast!"

Bemmie was a male Vorzydiak who was a member of the Freelies youth gang on his homeworld of Vorzyd V during the era of the Galactic Civil War. In 1 ABY, Bemmie was a part of a Freelie plot to kidnap Rebel leader Leia Organa for a hefty ransom, but was captured and tortured by Imperial forces who were also after the Princess. Bemmie was saved by Organa's friend Luke Skywalker, and feeling he owed the man his life, Bemmie helped Skywalker and Organa escape Imperial pursuit—an act that resulted in the young Vorzydiak's death.


"Jax! ...It's all right! This guy... is on our side!
"Nobody's on our side! Remember-? Nobody in Freelie den but Freelies! Get away from him Bemmie... unless you want it, too!"
"No, Jax-! He saved my life! You can't burn them-!
―Bemmie and Jax, regarding Luke Skywalker[src]

A male Vorzydiak, Bemmie was a native of the[1] Outer Rim[2] world Vorzyd V, better known by the moniker "the Gambler's World." By 1 ABY, Bemmie had become a member of the Freelies, a delinquent youth gang led by a Human named Jax. One night, Bemmie and his friends happened across a pair of valuable-looking droids wandering alone: the pair, protocol droid C-3PO and astromech droid R2-D2, were attempting to track down their master, Rebel leader Luke Skywalker and his compatriot Princess Leia Organa, after they had been captured by the Empire. Although Bemmie and the gang attempted to claim the droids for themselves, R2-D2 managed to call a police droid, which chased the Freelies off.[1]


Bemmie covers Luke Skywalker's escape.

However, Bemmie and his friends soon encountered those same droids again, after the Freelies entered a weapons shop intending to pull a caper. The droids were trying on automatic defensive weapons, which soon went haywire and damaged the store, convincing the Freelies that they'd be better served keeping their distance. Instead, they hung back and followed the droids to a starship, where the gang did a lot more than just steal a couple droids. Instead, Bemmie and his friends tricked C-3PO into letting them aboard and kidnapped Leia Organa, along with stealing R2-D2, demanding five million credits in exchange for the Princess' safe return to the Alliance. However, at some point Bemmie became separated from the rest of his gang and was captured by Imperial stormtroopers reporting to an Imperial Intelligence agent called Blackhole, who was pursuing Skywalker and Organa. The stormtroopers brutally tortured Bemmie with a mind probe, pushing him past the limits of his willpower: he was about to tell them everything he knew about Organa's location when suddenly Skywalker arrived and took the Imperial troops prisoner.[1]

Thankful to be freed from captivity, Bemmie willingly led Skywalker and C-3PO back to the Freelies' hideout, with the droid carrying the injured Vorzydiak back home. But although Bemmie vouched for Skywalker, Jax had no intention of letting the Rebels off, and prepared to execute Skywalker to get him out of the way. However, their confrontation was interrupted by the sudden arrival of another squad of stormtroopers, who attempted to storm the Freelies' den. Skywalker took up arms with the Freelies in the ensuing firefight, but it soon became apparent that they were completely surrounded. Feeling that he owed Skywalker his life, Bemmie decided to pay him back by showing him, Organa, and the two droids to their secret "hidey-hole" and help them slip away. The group was attacked by several troopers as they reached the hidden pathway, and as Bemmie helped cover their escape, he was struck by an Imperial blaster bolt and killed. Swearing to pay Blackhole back for Bemmie's death, Skywalker and his friends managed to escape Vorzyd V thanks to his help.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"I owe you something!"
―Bemmie to Luke Skywalker[src]

A member of a lowlife youth gang on his native Vorzyd V, Bemmie made a life of crime on the streets of his homeworld. However, Bemmie eventually found himself conflicted between his loyalty to his adopted family with the Freelies and the debt he felt that he owed Luke Skywalker for saving his life. Although he previously went along with Jax's schemes, Bemmie disobeyed the Freelies' leader to help Skywalker and his friends escape the firefight with the Imperials, leading to his death.[1]

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Bemmie made his first and only appearance in the Star Wars Legends continuity in Gambler's World, a comic strip story arc written and illustrated by Russ Manning and released in 1979. At first, fellow Vorzydian Merf is mistakenly identified as Bemmie, but that mistake is rectified later in the story.[1]


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