Benb was a male Sullustan, who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


During the Clone Wars in 22 BBY,[1] Benb served as a civilian sensor technician aboard the warship Leveler. He was aboard the Leveler when it traveled to the Fath system, to rescue the Republic Intelligence agent Hallena Devis, who had been captured on the planet JanFathal. Benb changed the transponder of one of the Leveler's civilian transports to give it the transponder code of a CIS landing craft, to enable a rescue team to land on the planet. While he worked, Jedi Master Djinn Altis used the Force to check that Devis was still alive. Benb worried that the Jedi would put him out of a job, so Gilad Pellaeon, the captain of the Leveler, promised to give the technician a pay rise. When the Levelers hyperdrive failed, Pellaeon called Benb to the bridge and Benb explained that the failure was due to a problem with the hyperdrives chronometer.


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