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"At approximately 3900 BBY, Queen Tasia sponsored one of the last of her world's colonization missions. The three ships—Beneficient Tasia, Constant, and Mother Vima—departed Grizmallt and vanished from sight."
―A New Republic historical document by Voren Na'al[src]

The Beneficent Tasia was a colony ship that departed the planet Grizmallt[1] in approximately 3900 BBY[2] in an expedition seeking fortune and glory along with its support ships Constant and Mother Vima.[1] The ships were filled with Human refugee colonists fleeing a civil war on Grizmallt,[3] and was sponsored by Queen Elsinoré den Tasia,[1] led by the explorer Kwilaan,[4] and blessed by a famous Jedi Master.[1]

The expedition targeted the dangerous southern quadrant of the galaxy, and shortly after departing the Grizmallti lost contact with the Beneficient Tasia and assumed it was lost. Although the ships were severely damaged and unable to contact Grizmallt, the expedition arrived on the planet Naboo which the passengers landed on and colonized,[1] becoming known as the Naboo and developing a thriving society[1] after clashing with the native Gungans. The Beneficient Tasia was mentioned in a New Republic historical document written by Voren Na'al in 36 ABY.[2]

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The Beneficient Tasia was first mentioned in the Royal Naboo DataBank entry in the 2001 LucasArts video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds.[1] The StarWars.com episode guide for "Crisis on Naboo", the eighteenth episode of the fourth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars,[5] which aired on February 10, 2012,[6] stated that a Grizmallt colony ship crashed on Naboo, however, it was not specified which vessel crashed.[5]



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