The Beneficent Tasia was the colony ship that, along with its consorts Mother Vima and Constant, brought the first Human settlers to Naboo. Named after Queen Elsinoré den Tasia of Grizmallt, who had sponsored the expedition, and captained by the explorer Kwilaan, it crashed on Naboo in 3900 BBY. Despite the accident, the passengers of the Beneficent Tasia survived and started to colonize the planet. In the millennia that followed, the memory of that colony ship remained in the minds of the Naboo people and was evoked during the Festival of Light.


On the modern-era holograms, the Beneficent Tasia was sometimes symbolically represented in the shape of a gigantic, stylized purple flower.[3] That shape, however, was in fact that of the Naboo emblem, an ubiquitous flower-like motif that adorned most possessions of the Royal House of Naboo.[4]


Kwilaan Holo

A modern representation of Kwilaan, who led the Beneficent Tasia to Naboo

In the wake of the Dark Wars in 3951 BBY,[2] Elsinoré den Tasia ascended to the throne of Grizmallt. The new queen, who wished to spread the people of Grizzmalt to new worlds, launched a decades-long colonization effort. In the last days of her life, Tasia sponsored one final expedition that was meant to lead settlers to the lush planet Naboo,[1] the star system of which had been discovered a bit earlier by the explorer Kwilaan.[5] With the blessing of a renowned Jedi Master, a fleet of three colony ship was set up. The flagship was christened Beneficent Tasia in homage to the dying queen, while its two consorts were baptized Mother Vima and Constant.

At the time of the expedition, the southern quadrant of the galaxy was a dangerous, mostly uncharted region that only hosted a handful of settlements. Under the leadership of Kwilaan himself, the Beneficent Tasia and its companion ships headed into the great unknown. Not long after Queen Tasia breath her last, the Beneficent Tasia ceased transmission, which prompted the inhabitants of Grizmallt to assumed that it had been lost. However, although it had been subjected to hard test in the uncharted "wild space," the Beneficent Tasia eventually reached Naboo's orbit. However, the flagship was too severely damaged,[1] and it crash-landed on the surface of the planet.[3] Kwilaan and the settlers of the Beneficent Tasia survived the accident and ended up fulfilling Tasia's last wish by colonizing a pastoral, bountiful world.[1]

Almost four millennia later, during the Clone Wars, the crash of the Beneficent Tasia was commemorated on the occasion of the Festival of Light. In a holographic display combined with fireworks describing the history of Naboo, the arrival of the mother ship was symbolized by the flower-like Naboo emblem crashing on the planet's surface.[3]

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During its flight to Naboo, the Beneficent Tasia was commanded by Kwilaan, the man who had supposedly charted the system after the end of the Dark Wars.[2]



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