"Benno don't like thinking!"

Benno was a leader in the Black Vulkars swoop gang in the planet Taris' Lower City during the Mandalorian Wars. As of 3964 BBY, Benno commanded a crew of several gang members, including the Drovian Wargo and the Zabrak Frazznik, and was well-known as an impatient and gruff man not given to deep thought.


"Benno hates to wait. Cashing a bounty from the constable's gonna mean bureaucracy, authorizations, delay—and they may make him come up-city to testify. Just picture Benno, up-city!"
―Marn Hierogryph[1]

Benno was a member of the Black Vulkars swoop gang in the planet Taris' Lower City, in the era of the Mandalorian Wars. By 3964 BBY, Benno had become a leader within the Vulkars, commanding a crew that included the Drovian Wargo and the Zabrak Frazznik. That year, Benno's crew captured two wanted fugitives—Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick, accused of murdering four of his classmates in Taris' Jedi Tower; and an accomplice, local Snivvian hood Marn Hierogryph. However, Hierogryph, who was familiar with Benno's impatience and his dislike for Upper City ways, convinced Wargo and Frazznik to let them go rather than turn them over to Benno so he could claim the bounty on their heads.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Hrrmm. Benno don't like to wear city clothes."

A gruff and unintellectual man, Benno was regarded by his crew as one who did not like to think. Benno was impatient and disliked Upper City bureaucracy and delays, along with having to wear Upper City clothes. Benno inspired a measure of respect and fear within the members of his crew, who would go to great lengths so as to not displease him.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Benno was first mentioned in Knights of the Old Republic 3, a comic written by John Jackson Miller and released in 2006.[1] So far, it is Benno's only mention in the Star Wars canon.


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