Bequesh, also known as The Cardinal, was the Human male administrator of the Tanquilla Beach shadowport located in the Kathol sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Born before 92 BBY, Bequesh was a member of an outlaw-tech group that took possession of a strip mined asteroid. The group relocated it to a nebulae in a corner of the Kathol sector and established it as one of the sector's main shadowports and smuggling hubs.

Bequesh, the last survivor of the group, ruled the station with an iron fist, maintaining an active role in the day-to-day running of Tanquilla Beach. By 8 ABY, his great age forced him to use a hoverchair for mobility, but he retained the use of his mental faculties. When the New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar arrived at the station to repair its hyperdrive, Bequesh met with the starship's officers to determine whether or not they posed a threat to his operations.


Born sometime before 92 BBY,[1] the Human male Bequesh was a member of an outlaw-tech group that took possession of a large asteroid located in a system close to the planet Gandle Ott in the Kathol sector of the Outer Rim Territories. The asteroid had been strip-mined and abandoned by miners after its resources were exhausted. Bequesh and the group somehow managed to relocate the asteroid to a small nebulae located in a remote corner of the sector, setting it up as a shadowport named Tanquilla Beach to serve the needs of smugglers and pirates. Specializing in technical expertise and high technology, Tanquilla Beach became one of the sector's main smuggling hubs. Over the years, Bequesh and the group expanded Tanquilla Beach to include living quarters, technical workshops, and commercial buildings as the shadowport's clientèle grew.[2]

Tanquilla Beach

By 8 ABY, Bequesh was the last survivor of the original gang and served as the station's administrator. His personal quarters were located in a restricted section wing attached to the shadowport's central body. He was protected by his bodyguard, Hella Brün, who had saved his life several times over the course of her twenty-year service. Known as "The Cardinal," he was believed to be the only individual who knew all of Tanquilla Beach's secrets, and his great age had confined him to a hoverchair. Despite his frailty, he was still considered to be the unquestioned ruler of Tanquilla Beach, and maintained a role within the station's day-to-day operations. Bequesh presided over most trials held on the station, enforcing the Tanquilla Beach's iron-clad rules and serving as a deterrent for those individuals who were tempted to break them. Bequesh also took an interest in the affairs of Spang, a talented starship engineer who ran a repair bay named Spang's. Spang had procured and installed the weapon systems that defended Tanquilla Beach, and Bequesh made it clear that anyone who messed with Spang was messing with Bequesh himself.[2]

In 8 ABY, the New Republic CR90 corvette FarStar arrived at Tanquilla Beach seeking to repair its hyperdrive which had been sabotaged by an Imperial agent loyal to Moff Kentor Sarne, a warlord who had controlled the sector. After being ousted from his capital, he had retreated with his forces to the wilds of the sector, and the FarStar had been assigned to track him down. Curious as to the New Republic's intentions, and whether or not they posed a threat to his operations, Bequesh invited the corvette's officers to dine with him. Satisfied that they posed no threat, Bequesh allowed the corvette's command crew to remain and seek a way to repair their hyperdrive. Shortly after the FarStar's arrival, Tanquilla Beach was attacked by a Carrack-class light cruiser loyal to Sarne. The combined firepower of Tanquilla Beach and the FarStar destroyed the vessel in short order.[2]

Personality and traits[]

An extremely old, wrinkled man with white hair by 8 ABY, Bequesh was confined to a hoverchair. However, he still retained his faculties, and maintained an active role in the running of Tanquilla Beach. He was known to be a merciless individual towards those who broke the station's rules.[2]

Bequesh was knowledgeable about alien species, cultures, languages, and planetary systems, and had an understanding of the workings of a bureaucracy. The undisputed master of Tanquilla Beach, he was intimately familiar with its inner workings and what went on aboard the station. Bequesh was a capable negotiator, and could tell the value of objects and goods. A technician by trade, he was able to program and repair computers and droids, as well as security systems.[2]


Bequesh dressed in expensive clothing, such as tasteful robes and sashes. He required a hoverchair to move around and carried a datapad and comlink with him.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Bequesh appeared in Shintel Downtime, the fourth RPG adventure in The DarkStryder Campaign written by Paul Sudlow and published in 1995.


Notes and references[]

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