The bequest was a meeting of the Calimondra family that was called by Vilia Calimondra, usually after important events relating to the family. During the Bequest, Vilia would dole out awards and resources to her grandchildren. One such Bequest took place in 1032 BBY, after a series of events leading up to the liquidation of Ayanos Bactra and the annexation of Byllura. During this Bequest, Calimondra allowed her grandson Odion to keep control of Jutrand, while giving control of Industrial Heuristics, a major corporation previously headquartered in the Bactranate, to Odion's brother Daiman.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Bequest was created by John Jackson Miller for use in his first professional novel, Knight Errant. In the novel, "Bequest" is usually capitalized when referring to a single particular event, but is left lowercase when referring to the event in general.


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